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Easy Driving With Toddlers Using The Joy Factory iPad Valet Headrest Mount

When we travel with the kids it can be challenging to find things to do that keeps them occupied. It can also be incredibly unsafe to be in the position of leaning back dealing with the kids, and not securely fastened in your seat with seat belt on. The Valet Headrest Mount for iPad from the Joy Factory keeps the kids occupied while mommy and daddy stay safe and focused on the road.

The Valet is so easy to use. All you need to do is snap it onto the headrest post and pop in your iPad. In seconds you are ready to set the kids up with a movie, or their favorite photo album. It is so nice to be able to position the Valet to nearly any viewing angle. We have two boys, so the 360° positioning comes in handy. The Valet is durable as well. My boys have grabbed, twisted, yanked, and kicked it a thousand times yet it still holds strong. I’m beginning to think the Valet indestructible.

Along with the Valet’s versatility and ease of use, is it’s stylish look. We just purchased a new vehicle a couple of weeks ago, and the last thing we wanted was to trash it up with bulky electronics. The Valet is sleek, and almost blends in with the cars modern look. The portable DVD player we used to use was quickly and easily replaced. Thankfully, we no longer have to fight through a maze of cords and wires to buckle the kids in for the trip. Actually, the Valet looks so nice in the car we rarely take it out, which works perfect when we have friends in the car who have an iPad. They can snap their iPad into the Valet and have a hands free ride while checking emails, photos, or whatever they want.

I couldn’t be happier with the Valet. I no longer dread the long trip with the kids and now that you can download movies to the iPad, we have an endless supply of entertainment even though my kids favorite thing to do is to set the iPad on video camera mode and talk to themselves. The Valet Headrest would make a perfect mothers day gift idea.

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