Spring and Easter is all about welcoming back the longer days and sunshine! Of course that’s why we are doing Easter crafts that catch those lingering beams of sunshine! This craft is super easy, and will entertain kids from ages 2 on up! Younger kids might need a little extra help, but I am sure they will love the tearing of the tissue paper! Here’s what you need for this craft.

Easter Crafts

Easy Easter Crafts For Kids


  • Different color pastel tissue paper
  • One hole punch
  • String or Yarn
  • ModPodge Craft Clue
  • Card Stock
  • Scissors
  • Paint Brush
  • Pencil


Before you start, tear up the tissue paper into smaller squares and shapes. (They don’t have to be perfectly square) Then set them aside.

Take your card stock, and draw an Easter egg shape onto the paper. Cut that out.

easter crafts

Once your egg is cut out, you want to cut a smaller egg into the middle of the circle. This is going to be your sun catching area. Remove the center.

Starting towards the outside edge, place pieces of the torn tissue paper. Use your craft glue and a paint brush and coat the paper so that it sticks to the edge.

Work your way all the way throughout your circle in this manner. Make sure that your new piece slightly overlaps a piece that is already glued.

Easter Crafts 3

Continue gluing pieces until your entire center is covered. Allow to dry completely.

With your single hole punch, punch a hole in the top center of the egg. Place a piece of yarn or string, tie it, and then your egg is ready to hang!