Easy Robot Craft For Kids

When the sun is shining and the weather is beautiful, kids can find all sorts of things to keep them busy. My kids love to be outside from morning to night and seldom remember to even eat! I love that they are so active and we have been provided with so many great things to play with. When the weather is not as cooperative is when things can get a bit tricky. If left to their own devices, Henry will get on a video game and Caitlin will get on her phone. In order to get some quality family time with one another, we moms have to get a bit creative! I found a really great company that has a line of unique crafts that include an adorable easy robot craft for kids. Makedo is a concept that gives kids the tools they need in one box to make a line of great crafts. Henry is a big robot lover, so we decided to try the Robot Faces guided kit out.

The materials you need are:

  1. Box of any size, shape or color.
  2. Robot Faces Guided Kit



If you have chosen a cereal box or one similar that has printing or pictures on it, you can use it as is or cover it in plain paper. We decided to use a plain brown shipping box for our robot.


Next you will take the small orange “screws” that you can insert anywhere you like. They are extremely easy to use. By applying a small amount of pressure, you screw the piece in until it is in securely.

All The Screws

Once you have inserted your “screws”, you need to decide which pieces of the robot you want to place and where. We decided on making our robot a bit on the wonky side and make his pieces not make sense.

Fold Tabs

Next you will locate the small tab you fold down that slides easily into the opening in the “screw”.

Making A Robot

Once all of the pieces are attached, you have your cute little guy that you created in your own secret robot laboratory! Now you get to pretend, play, imagine and just have fun! You can purchase the kits from the Makedo website and there are various sizes and kits available. They range in price from $10 to $20 for the guided kits. For the larger kits that you can make any structure you like by attaching several boxes together, those range from $25 to $140, for the large classroom kit.

Robby The Robot