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Easy To Use Camcorder From COBY Review

Easy To Use Camcorder From COBY Review

Easy To Use Camcorder

Unless you are a professional photographer, I would guess most of us want an easy to use camcorder.  I have always been an avid amateur photographer and I have tons of pictures all over my house. For some reason, my parents only took a small handful of pictures of me from the age of about 6 months to 5-6 years.  When I was on my own and began a family, I was then included in many family photos.  With that said, I was determined not to have my children with no photos from their childhood, so I have gone a bit overboard with it!  They can laugh, but at least they know what they looked like at each stage in their lives!!  Chelsea recently remarked she didn’t have many copies of pictures of herself when she was little, so I scanned a bunch and sent them to her.  She has posted several on FB for all to say “Awww…what a pretty little girl you were”!

The COBY Company was founded in 1991 by Young Dong Lee, who wanted to offer quality products at a great value.  While involved with a multimillion dollar CE company, Mr. Lee found that the consumers he was targeting could not afford the products he was selling to them.  At that point Mr. Lee decided to change that and COBY was born.  Now the audience that Mr. Lee is targeting can now find an electronic device that will fit virtually every budget.

Affordable Cameras

Although the prices of cameras has come down a lot over the years, you still need to shop around to find truly affordable cameras.  I was recently asked to review the COBY Snapp 5000 ($42.98), which is a 5 MP camcorder (camera and video recorder).  The camera is a great little camera both in function and affordability.  The 5MP is plenty for the amateur photo bug and with a built in SD card and the high resolution offered, the COBY Snapp camera takes great pictures.  The camcorder also includes built in memory, a 2” LCD display, 4X digital zoom and can connect to your computer to become a web cam!  For the great price, you get a great camcorder!

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