Easy Valentines Day Craft For Kids

After the holidays, I always have gift boxes and tissue paper that I saved from the flurry of present opening on Christmas morning! I like to reuse as much as possible, and this easy Valentine’s Day Craft for kids is super fun to make with those items.

Tissue Paper Heart Suncatcher – An Easy Valentine’s Day Craft For Kids

Materials Needed

  • Old T-shirt gift boxes or poster board (red or white)
  • Clear contact paper (shelf paper)
  • Leftover tissue paper (pink, white and red)
  • Gift wrapping ribbon, red
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pen


  1. Open the gift box and fold it at the corners and cut out a shape of a heart.
  2. Cut another heart out of the inside of that heart and keep cutting until you can’t cut anymore hearts out. This way you can have many size hearts! Match each of these hearts to the other side of the gift box so they are identical.Valentines Craft Cutouts
  3. Roll out the contact paper and lay 1/2 of the hearts on it good side down.Preschool Valentines Craft
  4. Cut the tissue paper into squares. Since I let the kids do the cutting, I got all kinds of fun shapes. It worked out great! Crafting with kids for Valentines Day
  5. Place the tissue paper on the contact paper so it is touch or slightly overlapping.
  6. Place a second sheet of contact paper over the top of the tissue paper.
  7. Fasten the strings with a dab of glue in the middles and seal the contact paper over it
  8. Cut around the hearts to trim the extra paper
  9. Hang in the window for catching the rays of sun

For another cute Valentine’s Day Craft see my other craft, Crayon Heart Suncatcher.

Crayon Heart Suncatcher Valentines Day Craft


  1. …and Valentines Day is just around the corner. This could be a good alternative for kids in school in lieu of the Valentines card. I just hope that if ever I eventually get to do one it will look as beautiful as the image in your post. 😀

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