Easy Way To Clean Vegetables

Easy Way To Clean Vegetables

If you have a garden, you may have looked for an easy way to clean vegetables.  When I was growing up, we had a vegetable garden and a strawberry patch in our back yard.  I remember eating those yummy strawberry’s in just about every way my mom could make them.  To this day, strawberries are one of my favorite snack foods.  Now, on the other hand, the vegetable garden did not have quite the appeal the strawberry patch was!  I remember being asked to pick potatoes or cucumbers or carrots from the garden. Once I carried them in, I got a step stool and had to clean the veggies so mom could cook them.  I HATED cleaning those vegetables!  I didn’t really mind the dirt as much as I minded the bugs that would hitch a ride on the veggies.  I am not a big bug person, so being forced to clean them from my food was almost as much as I can take!  I still am not a big fan of carrots!

In 2005, two engineers met on a weekend tour (sounds a bit like Gilligan’s Island!!) and discovered a mutual love for many of the same ideas and interests. The two decided to quit their jobs and start Fabrikators.  The first product the two developed was the “potato glove” which you may have seen on television.  This rough nylon Skruba glove takes the annoying task of cleaning spuds to a virtually painless task.  The two men had hoped to sell upwards in the 10,000 pairs of glove range that first year.  They were blown away with the response in their native Denmark where they sold 80,000 pairs that first year!!  Today you can find the gloves in over 30 countries including the USA and Canada.  Since then the two men have added fish and waterproof gloves to their inventory.

Gloves To Clean Vegetables

Who would have thought to use gloves to clean vegetables?  Not me, that is for sure!  When we received our box of Skruba gloves, we could not wait to try them out.  You can find the Potato, Carrot and Veggie gloves, each selling for each selling for $9.95.  I did not have any potatoes in the house, but we did have fresh corn on the cob.  I hate trying to get all those hairs off the cob and I eyed the veggie glove and wondered if it would do the trick.  It totally worked!!!  I could not believe it!!  I have a friend in Atlanta that has her own garden and she is always posting pictures of her vegetables on Facebook.  I told her about the Skruba gloves and she said she would love to try them out.  We also have a group of local farmers our home school co-op works with and they were so happy to have a few pairs donated to them.  Now I feel like the Skruba fairy or something!!  If you have your own garden, these gloves are a must have!

One reader will win one pair of each glove ($9.95 per pair and total of $28.95 for three)

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