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Easy Ways To Clean Your House

During the holidays I need to find easy ways to clean your house.  With friends and family in and out throughout the month, that makes for a challenge to keep my house as clean as I want.  I am really picky about my house being clean and I am usual the one who goes behind everyone who said they cleaned because my standard of clean and theirs are very different!  But in their defenses, I am also the one who will get out the paint and touch up all the scuff marks on the walls before a dinner party!  Another issue I have is I can’t focus on my work if the house isn’t clean!  Weird huh?! In order to have my house as clean as I want without taking all day to get there, I decided to find some short-cuts.  Here are some really great ideas!

Easy Ways To Clean Your House

  • Assign Tasks: Before you can begin to clean, you need to have everyone assigned a task or a room.  For the kids, I will write down small tasks on pieces of paper and they draw them out of a hat.  Once they have completed that task, they bring me the paper and I can check their work. For my husband and me, we take 3 rooms each to do the heavier cleaning.  This way all four of us are working together to clean and no one has a burden of cleaning the whole house. I just need to let my OCD not kick in and go back over everyone’s work.
  • Cleaning Kits: I have a plastic container with a handle that I have my cleaning products in that match that room.  For the bathroom I have a white container with baking soda, a spray bottle with vinegar or lemon juice, a scrub brush, a sponge and a duster (for my knick knack shelf) and a spray bottle with essential oil and a few drops of dish detergent.  For the kitchen, I have a blue bucket with the same items as the bathroom but I have added sodium carbonate to the spray bottle for a degreaser for the stove and one with borax for cleaning inside the stove.

  • Choosing the Right Equipment:  If you choose smartly, the right tools can make your cleaning routine a lot easier.  There is nothing worse than using a vacuum that has lost some of its power and you don’t get the level of cleaning you want.  I have a hand held vacuum for the kids to use as well as for small spills.  I have a carpet steamer that helps keep the carpets looking clean and less worn.  For the hard floors I have a steam mop that works wonders on my kitchen and bathroom floors.  The manufacturer of all of these tools is none other than Bissell.  I have used Bissell in my home for years and would prefer not to use any other brand. You can keep up with the latest news from Bissell by liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter.

How To Get Your Floors Really Clean

If you want to know how to get your floors really clean, you should rely on a product that will do the job.  I love the Bissell products because they are durable and last for years, they are easy to use and they do what they are supposed to do!  With 2 active kids and 2 cats, my carpets need to be cleaned at least once every other month and I would not trust that job to any other company.  I was recently offered the Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop ($99.00) and I jumped at the chance.  The one Bissell product I didn’t have was a steam mop for the hard floors.  There are some great features about the PowerFresh Steam Mop, including the built in Easy scrubber, the SmartSet steam control, 2 mop pads, one of which is a scrubby pad, fragrance discs that leaves a nice scent and it cleans away 99.9% of germs and bacteria and has a 2 year limited warranty.

I LOVE this product!!  I use the flip down Easy Scrubber a lot and it really does the trick.  If it is a bad sticky mess, I will spray it with water and let it sit for a bit to loosen it up.  My floors have not looked this good in years and at the price, it is hard to believe you can get such a great product for such a great price.  You can find the Bissell products in just about every store as well as online.

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