Since deciding to stay home and raise a family, we have been on a tight budget. We are always looking for ways to cut corners and easy ways to save money. I cooked a lot of meals from scratch and we only go out to dinner for a treat or to celebrate an occasion. We do not buy new items for the house unless something is broken and we have been known to shop a a thrift store or two. All thee are fine ways to save money for your family, but are there more ways to loosen the belt about that tight little budget? Here are  few ideas if you too are looking for some corners to cut in your home!

  • Credit Cards: First of all, stop using them! Second of all, shop around for a better interest rate. Many credit card companies will be happy to take the balance on your existing cards and offer you a lower interest rate.
  • Appliances: If you are in the market to replace an older appliance, you should shop around. Many stores will offer you the lower price advertised by competing companies. Also, whenever possible, purchase energy saving models which not only save money on your utility bill but you can often take a tax break.
  • Clothing: If you shop at the end of a season for the upcoming year, you can save upwards of 80-90%. You can save hundreds when you are shopping for back to school clothing.
  • Be Eco-Friendly: Wherever you can “go green” in your home, you have potential to save money. We recycle, use products made from recycled materials and even use re-usable paper towels. Another great way to save is by drinking water in re-usable cups and glasses instead of buying bottled water. If I am going to use the same cup or glass over and over, I want them to be colorful, humorous or interesting. The reusable drinkware that makes drinking my coffee and the kids juice more fun are those from Vessel Drinkware.

Easy Ways To Save Money

Easy Ways To Save Money

Once I calculated the savings of drinking from re-usable drinkware, I could not believe it. We go through at least 2 cases (24 bottles each) of bottled water for a total cost of more than $50 a month. That is a tank of gas, a trip to the farmer’s market or a haircut. Because we are on the go a lot, I wanted to find drinkware that would travel well. That is why I really love the products from Vessel Drinkware. They are made of superior acrylic so that they are extremely sturdy and well made and can take a few hits. There are a ton of choices on their website, so it took me a while to narrow down my choices!

I finally decided on the 16 oz Zombie Acrylic Tumbler for Henry, the 20 oz. Purple Peace Sign for Caitlin and the 20 oz. Mustache tumbler for Chelsea. For myself, I chose the 16 oz Double Wall Porcelain Cup in the Origami. I love my cup because it is perfect for my morning coffee and then I can rinse it out and switch to my flavored water. The double wall keeps my coffee hot and my water cold, which makes things so much easier. For the kids, they can easily twist off the tops of their tumblers and refill them before we head to the park. You can also choose from glass bottles and tumblers, stainless steel, copolyester and polypro. You can purchase the Vessel Drinkware products from their website. My tumblers ranged in price from $12.99-$13.99 each.

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  1. my favorite is the Bonsai:
    Bonsai 16oz
    A tranquil painted bonsai tree. PRODUCT CARE Stainless tumblers keep hot drinks hot without scorching your hands.

  2. I would say the stainless steel or the glass would be my favorite. I would prefer glass but having butter fingers and kids around glass is always my worst nightmare.

  3. I love the Bamboo Dragonfly 16oz -that is so beautiful. Also I know my friend would love the Glass Bottle with the huge buck on it!!

  4. Ive been in need of a coffee container — I really love the 14 oz stainless Happy Tails. Such a fun design!

  5. I love the twisted heart porcelain tumbler! Hearts are awesome, and I may or may not be addicted to coffee 😉

  6. I don’t know if its one specific product. I like what the products are made of and I think its smart to have a selection for the whole family. And the double liner for coffee… is a life saver for us die hard coffee lovers.

  7. I like the Eastman Tritan Copolyester ones. I have and use Acrylic cups everyday. Since I won a Keurig I save a lot of money by not going to starbucks so much. Thank you 🙂

  8. I can’t decide whether I like the 16oz Bamboo Dragonfly porcelain tumbler or the 16oz Lanterns stainless tumbler more.

  9. I love owls, so the crowned owl 20 oz acrylic cup is my fave! I pretty much love all of the products, though 🙂

  10. I like and could really use the water bottle. My husband is constantly dropping them off of roofs, and very few survive the fall.

  11. I really like the double walled glass tumblers with the strainers. I like to put herbs in my water, but not always get a big mouthful.

  12. I think my favorite is the Birdcages 20oz Tumbler with Straw. I didn’t realize that type of tumbler can be used for hot or cold drinks. Nice.

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