Eat healthy fast food at Subway
Mason brought puppy to Subway because it was a special treat. “If we leave Puppy at home, he will be left out and sad” – Mason

SUBWAY has asked me to promote SUBWAY. I received a gift card for my participation, but all opinions expressed in the post are my own, and not those of SUBWAY. Americans are known for their obesity which is largely do to our habit of being too busy to cook. Convenience is a huge reason many people opt to eat out rather than cook in. I am trying to give my kids a better chance in life by establishing good habits early on. When we eat out, it is a special treat and I use it as an opportunity to teach my kids how to eat healthy fast food. Over winter break, I took the kids to go see the Disney film, Frozen, at the theater. As a special treat, we stopped at Subway to grab a healthy lunch instead of snacking on candy at the movies. It was the perfect time to practice good habits.

Ways to eat healthy fast food

Eat Healthy Fast Food By Using These Guidelines

  • Make your menu selections carefully. Go light on mayo or skip it all together. Go for lean choices like chicken breast over greasy burgers. Opt for whole grain breads over white. When you have a choice of dressing, opt for lighter dressings. At Subway, you have a complete selection of healthy choices. It is not hard for my kids to pick a healthy one when it is all that is offered on the menu.
  • Skip the soda. Drink water with your meal and skip the hidden, empty calories.
  • Special order. You can make almost any item on a fast food menu healthier by omitting ingredients. Order dressing on the side. Since all Subway food is made to order, the choices are completely up to you!
  • Mind your Cheese. Choose swiss or mozzarella for the lower fat version.
The majority of menu choices at Subway are healthy fast food options
The majority of menu choices at Subway are healthy fast food options

 At the they even suggest:

For a healthier fast food option at a sub sandwich restaurant try: Subway 6″ Roast Beef Sub (on whole wheat bread with veggies, no mayo):  290 calories, 5g fat (2g saturated fat)

Jakobi and Mason share a Subway mozzerella cheese chicken breast 12″ sub on whole wheat bread with lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, with green and banana peppers. They get the peppers on so they can pick them off and feed Puppy (their idea) What do you get when you eat at Subway? You can connect with Subway on their social media and tell them at @subway & Then tell me how you keep your children healthy on the blog comments below for your chance to win a $50 Subway gift card.

I just have to tell you after seeing the movie Frozen for the third time, we loved it just as much as the first time we saw it! Disney did a great job of having the princess be independant and the love of her life….

—————–SPOILER ALERT———————-

Frozen Wallpaper

…is her sister instead of a prince. Go Disney! You can see on my previous post, FROZEN – New Trailer Now Available!!! to get a glimpse of the hilarity. PS – Both of my kids have Olaf! The movie is a must see for the young and young at heart!


  1. The influence of the kids in soccer and other activities and giving them things they like and perhaps don’t realize are healthy.

  2. We try to eat fresh fruits and veggies if I can get them to. We also try to play active games and get a lot of exercise

  3. lots of liquids and try to make better, healthier food choices. I don’t make the junk food accessible at home

  4. I make healthy meals for my family and give them healthy snacks. I also made sure that they washed their hands a lot.

  5. My 2 year old keeps herself healthy! her favorite foods are mango and avacado she also LOVES to drink a LOT of water

  6. I try to keep my kids healthy by feeding them a well balanced meals and getting outside for exercise as much as possible!

  7. We make sure first that they take a multivitamin every day then make sure they have a fruit, vegetable and grain choice at every meal. I don’t keep junk food in the house.

  8. Regular doctor visits, we try to eat healthy, and I get him outside doing stuff when I can…instead of sitting in front of the tv or playing video games.

  9. I almost always cook at home. I don’t give him pop; mostly water and milk only, and we make sure he gets plenty of sleep.

  10. we drink water with meals and go for walks after dinner every night or if weather doesn’t permit we try to play wii fit just so we are all up and moving

  11. We make sure first that they take a multivitamin every day then make sure they have a fruit/vegetable and grain choice at every meal. We serve healthy choices for snacks and desserts 🙂

  12. I try to be a good example and keep us as active as possible. And I give my kids lots of choices of fresh fruits and veggies on hand, so hopefully they grab that instead of something sweeter!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  13. The simplest thing I do is ,one, reserve healthy eating to home, and two, they only have to eat until they aren’t hungry. If they say, I’m full, they stop eating. No clean plate club in this house

  14. We TRY to keep our children healthy by having a well balanced diet and I am a broken record when it comes to hand washing! =)

  15. I like Subway, haven’t had it in quite a while since we don’t do fast food very often (unless we are on a road trip and starving). Subway’s sandwiches are a great healthy food for on the way 🙂 And their pepperccinis, yumms 🙂

  16. I make sure that they play as often as possible and get them involved in sports and other physical activities.

  17. Wii Sports and X-box Kinect during the bitter cold months and then loads of outdoor time once it warms up a bit.

  18. I have the kids in my family garden with me. It’s amazing how many vegetables they will eat when they know they helped plant them!

  19. Keep active and try to give healthy snacks like fruit and yogurt and even veggies like baby carrots w/ dip.

  20. Keeping them active, teaching them to wash their hands and giving them healthy food choices are some of the ways I keep my grandchildren healthy.

  21. Make up healthy snacks and keep them in the refrigerator. Have fun together creating healthy recipes that they want to make (and eat!!)

  22. I try to make sure there is only healthier choices so it makes it easier for them to make the right choices.

  23. Veggies — cut them into neat shapes… hide them / disguise them. The key is getting them to eat!

    Terri P
    pr4gatheringroses AT gmail DOT com

  24. We try to eat in most of the time and only get to-go or restaurant foods about once a month. I make lunches (our school lunches here are awful; the kids don’t even want to eat them!!!), and dinners with healthier choices, and teach the kids balance. If they choose a peanut butter and jelly, they have to choose a veggie side. I’m lucky they haven’t made too much of a fuss about eating healthier. That being said, I LOVE Subway. It’s a great way to get the kids to pile on the veggies because they love to go up there and choose their own.

  25. I let me kids help plan the menus, shop for the ingredients and help prep the veggies. The pride they take in this makes them want to eat the food! It gets them excited.

  26. I try to be a healthy example for my kids by getting outside daily to do some type of play/exercise. We also try to eat healthy but eating foods that are high in calories and fat only sometimes but eat fresh veggies and fruits daily.

  27. The only “fast food” we do is subway and load it with only veggies and cheese, no meat or dressing. And no soda.

  28. I’m a nurse so my first thought is Wash Your Hands Often (kids AND adults). After that eating unprocessed foods I think is best for the kiddos. I get the veggie subs when going to subway and hold the mayo!

  29. I try my best to get them to eat fruits and veggies! Sometimes I have to hide them, but at least they are eating them!

  30. Hi Jen! I’m visiting from the UBC. It’s great you’re teaching the kids to navigate a commercial menu, yet selecting healthy foods. Many restaurants are pleased to leave out ingredients or put sauces and dressings on the side for us. Glad you had such a good experience with Subway.

  31. As with my kids and now my grandkids I like to have a variety of foods available – moderation is the key!

  32. We don’t have children (yet!), but my husband and I keep healthy by preparing a lot of home-cooked meals with fresh ingredients. We also have a salad and some kind of veggie side dish with every dinner!

  33. I started when my kids were babies building a resistance to germs (which is unlike a lot of things you hear). my father is a doctor and told us that was imperative. My oldest is 13 and missed 1 day of school for a stomach virus. my 8 year old has never missed a day of school for illness. I make sure they are well covered when it is cold…and happy.

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