Help You Lose WeightThere are many diet plans that suggest having foods like eggs or oatmeal for breakfast.  However, the jury’s still out on whether or not eating eggs can raise your cholesterol and plain oatmeal can be a bit on the bland side.  Fortunately, there’s another breakfast option that will provide a nutritious way to start off your day.  Eating cereal can be an easy way to help you lose weight. you can shed those those stubborn pounds and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

girl eating healthy cereal with a spoon isolated over a white background

Three Reasons Why Cereal Can Help You Lose Weight

  1. It’s filling.  Many people on diets begin the day with good intentions.  For example, a dieter might eat a half of a grapefruit in an attempt to cut back on calories.  But let’s be honest: that grapefruit’s not going to keep hunger away very long.  Before you know it, your stomach’s growling and you’re eyeing those donuts in the conference room.  Even if you manage to avoid giving to temptation, you’ll probably be starving by lunchtime.  You’ll most likely be willing to eat anything in sight and that can spell disaster for your diet.  Instead of eating something miniscule or skipping breakfast entirely, try eating a bowl of cereal.  There are many low-calorie cereal options out there that will provide plenty of fiber to keep you going all morning long.  Plus, you’ll be able to eat much more volume compared to many other popular breakfast items.  That bulk will help you feel full and satisfied so you won’t be tempted to buy unhealthy mid-morning snacks from the break room vending machine.
  2. It’s sweetNothing can derail a diet quite like a sweet tooth.  That’s especially true for your morning meal.  From cinnamon rolls and pastries to waffles and syrup, many breakfast tables are loaded with sugar-laden options that can easily get you off track.  Some of these treats can have almost as many calories as you need for the entire day!  If you crave a little something sweet in the morning, try reaching for a box of cereal.  Even the fruity, chocolate or marshmallow cereals that your kids enjoy won’t be as bad as most of the goodies you’ll find in your local bakery case.  However, you might be surprised at the natural sweetness you’ll taste in something as simple as a bowl of corn flakes or oat bran.  Sometimes your taste buds just need a touch of something sweet to satiate that sugary desire.  So skip the usual sugary breakfast bombs and indulge in something a bit more wholesome instead. Read more about the food and restaurant industry at the Instawares blog.
  3. It’s portableWhen you’re on a diet, you want to have access to healthy foods at all times.  That means you need to have nutritious meals and snacks handy when you’re on the go.  You might not typically think of cereal as being an especially portable food.  However, it can actually be a very convenient choice for those who are pressed for time on any given morning.  The key is to rethink the format.  Eating cereal doesn’t mean you have to be tied to a bowl and spoon like a ball and chain.  If you’re often in a rush at breakfast time, try placing a serving of your favorite cereal in a baggie or reusable container the night before.  You can even buy some brands of cereal that are already portioned out in individual boxes if you’d like.  On your way out the door, just grab your cereal and munch on it during your morning commute.  You could also eat it at your office desk as you’re looking over your tasks for the day.  Either way, having a healthier option you can take along will prevent you from swinging by a fast-food drive-thru or overindulging in a package of two toaster pastries.

When it comes to breakfast, you have a lot of choices.  Unfortunately, many of those choices aren’t very healthy for dieters.  If you’ve been asking yourself how you can take off a few pounds, the answer may lie in your cereal bowl.  This tasty and substantial breakfast option can be a great way to jump-start your weight-loss plan as well as help you maintain your weight once you’ve achieved your goals.  So hit the cereal aisle and stock up on this dieter’s secret weapon today!