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Eating Low Fat to Get Your Body Bikini Ready

Eating Low Fat

I am constantly worrying about eating low fat and making sure I get plenty of exercise.  Living in Southwest Florida means it’s always bathing suit season.  I try to incorporate healthy eating and exercise into my lifestyle and try to teach my children the same.  Eating is something I struggle with because I love food so much.  One of my all time favorite snacks is peanut butter.  Whether it be on apples, crackers, celery or just on a spoon, I find myself eating it several times a day.  Yes, it is a good sources of protein but extremely high in fat and calories.  PB2 by Bell Plantation has given me a way to fulfuill my craving for peanut butter while watching my calorie and fat intake.

Get Your Body Bikini Ready

You can get your body bikini ready and still enjoy the rich creaminess of peanut butter with PB2 by Bell Plantation.  PB2 is a powdered peanut butter with a fraction of the fat and calories.  PB2 has 45 calories and 1.5g fat per 2 tbs serving in comparison to regular peanut butter with 190 calories and 16g fat!  PB2 is created by removing 85% of the fat without using harsh chemicals that some low fat foods use.  They even save the peanut oil extracted from the peanuts for customers to purchase, leaving nothing to waste.  PB2 is all natural with no chemicals, artificial preservatives or sweeteners.  Simply mix 2 tbs of PB2 with 1 tablespoon of water and stir until smooth.  PB2 also comes in chocolate for a guilt-free chocolate treat!  My husband and I tried both the PB2 and the Chocolate PB2 tonight and were amazed how great it tasted.  I was skeptical going into it because there is such a drastic reduction in the amount of the fat and calories from regular peanut better!  It was easy to make and was rich and creamy.  We tried the Chocolate PB2 with the PB thins.  They made a great evening snack and helped me stay away from eating ice cream and high calorie sweets right before bed.  I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who loves peanut butter but hates the high fat and calories!

Low Fat and Calorie Recipes

The website has a low fat and calorie recipes section for ideas on using your PB2, anything from entrees to desserts. I’m looking forward to trying to Pork Chops with PB2-Wasabi Sauce! I love peanut sauces but have been reluctant to make them because of the high fat content!  PB2 and Chocolate PB2 can be purchased from Bell Plantation for $15.96 for a four pack.  They also sell the peanut buttery PB thins for $4.99 for twelve 100 calorie packs! You can also find PB2 at a retailer near you by clicking on the link on their site!  You can follow Bell Plantation on Facebook  for the latest product information.

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