Eating Out With Baby? You Need This!
Having a baby is such a joyful time in a parents life, with each moment filled with surprises. I get a little choked up thinking back to the first smiles, laughs and words (Caitlin was “Lellow” and Henry was “Mama”). As the kids grew, watching them take those first steps and becoming these little people was incredible to watch. You know what was not fun? Taking them out to eat with us. What a nightmare to walk into a restaurant that either had no high chairs left or if they did, often, they were dirty. More often than not, either Chris or I end up keeping them in our laps and feeding them. It was super awkward, frustrating and we ended up taking our food to go most of the time. If I had a Totseat® from Svan, a must have baby gear for eating meals out, I would have enjoyed it much more.

Must Have Baby Gear

The Totseat® is an award-winning adjustable fabric portable child seat, which is a brilliant alternative to traditional high chairs. It’s designed to anchor your child in a safe way to an adult chair when a highchair is not available. The Totseat was designed with safety experts and has been rigorously tested so you can use it with trust and insight. It was designed by a mom who after a jaunt for a cup of coffee was looking for a better way to secure her little one. After being offered a filthy high chair and no where to put her baby, this frustrated mom had an idea. She proceeded to cut up her wedding dress and the first prototype was born! It took 900 more to get the design perfect, but the end result is absolutely genius. If you are looking for must have baby gear that makes going out for meals or beverages with your baby, the Totseat is the solution. I know it is hard to picture the design and how it works, so the folks at Svan put together a how to video for your review.

I was sent the Totseat® in two different fabric designs and I was completely impressed with the ingenious design as well as the top notch quality. It is designed to fit just about any chair you can think of. It is very strong and has a very sturdy clip where it attaches in the back of the chair. You can rest assured your baby is not in any danger of slipping out. It is small enough to fold up and slip into your diaper bag or purse and is washable, which I love. Our neighbor recently gave birth to twins, so we gave the pair of Totseat portable high chairs as our baby gifts. She was so grateful and is from Nigeria, so they have never seen anything like this, so she was in awe over the concept! This is a great item either for yourself or to give as a unique baby gift that the new mom is going to absolutely love. You can purchase the Totseat in 6 different fabric colors/pattern choices from the Svan website or online retailer stores like Amazon or Newegg for $35.00. You can keep up with the latest news from Svan by following them on Twitter and liking them on Facebook.

One USA reader will win one Totseat ($35.00) in their choice of color/pattern, based on availability.


  1. Definitely the totseat. We live in a small space and something easily stored and just as easily transported to Grandma’s house across the country is a must!

  2. My soon to be three year old would absolutely love the Play-With-Me Toddler Table & Chairs!!! Thank you for the amazing giveaway…

  3. I actually like the totseat the best. I would like to have something that is easy to take along and strap him in.

  4. I like the Play-With-Me Toddler Table & Chairs

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