Eat smartI have just been accepted as a NutriSystem Blogger, so I was thrilled when approached by Eat Smart to trial their Precision Go Fit Digital Body Fat Scale. When I am on a diet, I OBSESS over the weight that I lose, and I really would like a scale that tells my true weight instead of a “range.” I am not kidding when I say that. My old scale weighs me to be within 3-10 pounds depending on the way I stand on it. Not good when I want to lose ten pounds only to find I can gain it or lose it by lifting an arm. My husband is also dieting, and when I had him weigh on the old scale he varied 20 pounds! So, needless to say, GLAD we got a new scale. I weigh the same, and so does my husband, no matter how we hold our arms, lean or just stand.  This is very important when you are an obsessed weight watcher. (I am not a skinny-minny yet, but I am working on it)

I love the features on the Precision Go Fit Digital Body Fat Scale, because not only does it show me my weight, but I also have the option to get my body fat percentage, total body water, muscle and bone mass. The scale also stores up to 8 users so it is “Smart” in the way that we “Eat” by enabling us to keep track of who is losing what.  The way that is does this is by sending a low-level electrical signal though your body fat and then measures the signal resistance.  The lower the body fat, the faster the signal travels. How high-tech is that? You can find out more about this scale at Eat Smart Products and you can purchase through Amazon for 54.95. You can follow Eat Smart on Twitter and Facebook.