Eco Friendly Alternatives To Plastic

Eco Friendly Alternatives To Plastic

If you are interested in making changes for our planet, finding eco friendly alternatives to plastic is a good place to start.  I am probably among the many that knows plastic is not good for our planet but not knowing why.  I think the most common belief is that plastic isn’t biodegradable, but there are also additives in plastic that can be harmful to our health.  One of the bigger concerns is the chemical additives called plasticizers. One of these additives is phthalate which has been linked to causing disruptions to the endocrine which can lead to a number of health conditions.  The other, more known problem is the common plastic known as polycarbonate, whose main component is BPA.  Studies have linked BPA to impaired brain function, obesity, adult diabetes and cancer, to name a few.  So, here are two good reasons to stay as far away from plastic as possible.  The most logical response to this is, “What do I use in its place?”  Well, stainless steel to name one.

Life Without Plastic is a company that was born in 2006 out of a love for a child, the planet and the well-being of our fellow human beings.  When Chantal and Jay’s son was born in 2003, they knew they wanted to offer a healthy alternative to plastic and as there were so few options at that time.  With that knowledge, they decided to research what could be used to replace plastic.  With finding a suitable stainless steel, Life Without Plastic began designing products that were previously made from plastic.  The nest step for Life Without Plastic is to raise awareness about the negatives qualities about plastic and offering an affordable and healthier substitute.  To learn more about Life Without Plastic you can visit them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Stainless Steel Products For Kitchens

When I heard that Life Without Plastic offered stainless steel merchandise for kitchens, I was eager to try one of their products.  The  FreezycupTM, is a stainless steel popsicle mold ($7.95) made by Life Without Plastic.  The FreezycupTM  is safe, convenient and will hold up to extreme temperatures.  The FreezycupTM  comes with reusable and eco-friendly bamboo sticks and two interchangeable gaskets, which keep the stick in place.  The popsicle comes out easily when you run it under hot water for a few seconds and you can use whatever liquid you like. We used juice but are also going to use a yogurt smoothie, which is a favorite of the kids.  We really love our new FreezycupTM and we really have used them practically every day since we received them!

One reader will win four FreezycupTM  popsicle molds ($7.95 each) from Life Without Plastic, for a total value of $31.80

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