Gift Ideas For Tweens
In order to give something unusual this year, I decided I would look for some eco-friendly gift ideas for tweens.  With Caitlin and Anna both 14, and Alex right behind them, I think it is time to get them a few mature gifts this year.  My family is making strides to go green in our home and we are teaching the same to Anna’s family.  With them in middle school, I thought the “go green” idea would be trendy for kids her age. (Wow, that sounded like my mom!!)  Now that Anna’s mom is a single parent to 3 kids, one of whom has special needs, we have adopted them for Christmas this year.  So, it has become my task to find the girls some cool stuff!  So, I decided to delegate that job to my good friend Google.  For those of you who have tween boys, I got you covered as well.  Here is what Mr. Google suggested:

Gift Ideas For Tweens

For Boys:

    • Wallet made from recycled bicycle tire tubing
    • Belt made from recycled bicycle chains
    • Water powered alarm clock
    • Key chain made from recycled windshields
    • Messenger bag made from recycled canvas boat sails
    • Drinking bottle made from recycled glass

For Girls:

      • Organic nail polish
      • Journal made from recycled paper
      • Tablet sleeve made from recycled felt
      • Earrings made from recycled glass or metal
      • Vegan make-up
      • Make-up pouch made from recycled seat belts and billboards.

If you want to find any of these suggestions, just Google it and you will find these and many more ideas.  If you are interested in finding very unique and trendy accessories for the boy or girl tween on your list, First World Trash is a fantastic place to start.  This company not only produces cool items, virtually the entire collection is made from recycled materials
Accessories From Recycled Materials

Accessories From Recycled Materials

First World Trash has found a way to make amazing accessories from recycled materials.  All their products are individually hand made using such materials as used seatbelts and vinyl billboards.  The folks over at First World Trash don’t go shopping for their materials in the conventional places you would expect.  Instead, they hit the junkyards and find salvaged seat belts from old cars.  They also grab used billboard that were heading to the dump.  All the accessories from First World Trash are tear and waterproof, deep cleaned, and are stitched beautifully.  No matter how rough you treat these cool products, they won’t let you get the better of them!!  Jenelle Malbrough is the creative genius and owner of this phenomenal company and I salute her dedication to saving the planet and her very awesome concept!  I received the make-up pouch ($30.00), which easily wipes clean and has convenient slots on the outside for easy access for your lip gloss.  I also received my favorite, the utility tote ($75.00) because it is perfect for so many things.  With the 10 outside pockets, you can use it for your art gear, crayons, markers and scissors or a cool looking purse! Because each item is hand-made, no two are alike, which means you get a one of a kind gift for your tween!

One reader will receive the cosmetic pouch ($30.00) as pictured above.

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