Eco-Friendly Gifts for Children | Makedo Connector Set

If you want eco-friendly gifts for children Makedo connector set is the go-to gift!  I love to do fun creative activities with my children.  I was recently given the opportunity to review a Makedo Connector Set.  They sent me the Dollhouse set.  My daughter (4), Isabella loves dolls so this couldn’t have been a more perfect activity for us to do together.  When I opened the box and removed the parts and instructions I figured out that I was going to have to provide my own cardboard to construct the dollhouse.  Off I went through the house and recycling bin to find boxes that would work.  I used 4 decent size boxes and a part of one for the roof.  Included in the set is a plastic knife for cutting cardboard, it has two sides to it, one for fine cutting, one for heavy cutting and at the opposite end of the knife is a point to make the holes to accommodate the Makedo connectors.  I had to cut off the flaps of the boxes and as I started to use the knife I quickly realized that it wasn’t going to work very well (it was fraying the edge and making a mess) and it would take forever.  So I traded the knife in for scissors (I did all the cutting) and it went very quickly and didn’t fray the cardboard on the edge.  I assembled the boxes into the dollhouse configuration and got ready to put it together.  I used the knife to poke the holes for the connectors, it was super easy and I was able to do it in no time.  I had the dollhouse put together using the connectors and hinges in less than 5 minutes.  Talk about quick and easy.  The instructions were really simple to follow and it gave you several different options for putting it together. The Makedo connector set is very user friendly and so versatile.  The connectors and hinges are made of plastic and are a great quality.  The hinges are black and the connectors are turquoise.

Eco-Friendly Products

I love that I can offer my children eco-friendly products to help sustain the world we live in.  Once the dollhouse was constructed it was time to decorate each room.  The set comes with stickers for the kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom.  Problem was, Isabella couldn’t figure out how she wanted to decorate.  I should have wrapped or painted the boxes before I put them together but I didn’t.  So after an hour of trying to coax her into making a decision, I decided to cut up gift bags and decorate.  I got one room done and she changed her mind!  She decided she was going to wait to decorate and just start playing with her dollhouse, she said “we can decorate later Mommy like those shows you watch on TV,” I just chuckled and said ok have it your way.  Apparently, I have watched too much HGTV.  The perfectionist in me wanted to decorate each room just right and then let her play with it, but I had to put that aside and just let her have it the way she wanted.  She loves her Makedo dollhouse and has plans for an addition.  She would like to add on a garage, attic and playground.  The only thing that limits you with the Makedo products is where your imagination takes you.

Recycled Cardboard Boxes

The Makedo connector sets are awesome, there are so many items that you can make from recycled cardboard boxes.  If you can dream it up, you can make it with Makedo.  You can make an: airplane, robot, dog, car, dollhouse, castle, fish…the list goes on and on.  The great thing about the connectors is that they are reusable so when you are finished playing with one item you have created you can take it apart and reuse the connectors to create something new.  In this day and age everyone is recycling and I love the fact that I can go to my recycling bin pick out several items along with the connectors and create a new fun toy for my children to play with.  I don’t think it could get any more eco-friendly than that.  You can purchase the Makedo dollhouse set for $20.  They also carry the following sets: freeplay, playhouse, robot, car and flowers.  Check them out on Facebook!