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Eco Friendly Makeup Concealer From Everyday Minerals Sweepstakes

Eco Friendly Makeup Concealer

If you have those dark circles under your eyes, have you considered an eco friendly makeup concealer? I have been steadily working towards replacing many things in my house with a more organic alternative. I have started using reusable bags, organic cleaning products and some of our clothing is made with natural fibers. Since I began writing for this awesome blog, I have become interested in making smarter choices that help our environment. With my interest has come learning about the many choices we have in changing from harmful items in our homes to a more planet friendly item. I have enjoyed my journey and it has been great becoming more socially responsible in my selection of goods I use.

One area I have made changes in is the makeup I have been using. I was introduced to a fantastic makeup line that uses natural ingredients for their gorgeous colors and silky feeling powders. Everyday Minerals is committed to protecting our planet while supplying consumers with an eco-friendly alternative to traditional makeup. Carina Menzies founded Everyday Minerals which is an organic, vegan and eco-friendly cosmetic line that includes more than 300 shades. I love the rich colors, the silky textures and the well-made brushes that make applying Everyday Minerals a joy! The latest addition to the Everday Minerals line is their concealers that include Carnauba were straight from Brazil. The secret of the Carnauba wax comes from the leaves of the Carnauba tree. When the temperatures in Brazil climb, the leaves of the Carnauba tree gives a wax that keeps the tree hydrated. Now Everyday Minerals has put that magic in their new concealer. The folks at Everyday Minerals would love you to like them on Facebook.

Makeup To Cover Dark Spots

If you are looking for a makeup to cover dark spots, you have come to the right place! With the latest product from Everday Minerals, I was sure they would deliver on their promise to cover my dark circles without drying out or disappearing soon after applying it. I was happy to review the Everyday Minerals Carnauba Concealer Quad ($14.99). You get 3 shades to use for covering dark circles, spot and blemishes and a great bamboo application brush. The concealer goes on so smoothly and the bamboo brush is the perfect size for using under the eyes, which is where my trouble is. It seems the women in my family all have an issue with dark circles and we have gone through a lot of products in an attempt to cover them up. This kit from Everyday Minerals works amazingly well on those dark circles. What I love the most is that it goes on smooth and stays there. I can’t count the number of liquid concealers I have used that either rubbed off or cracked when it dried out. I did not have either of those issues with this product.

One reader will receive the Everyday Minerals Carnauba Concealer Quad ($14.99).

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  1. I would really love to have the Itahake Brush. I think it would work well for blending foundation.

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