Eco Friendly Shopping Bags

Eco Friendly Shopping Bags

Instead of using plastic bags when you grocery shop, have you thought of switching to more eco friendly shopping bags?  I know it is so easy to say “Plastic please” but if you plan ahead a little, you can instead say “I have my own bags”.  I have a bag organizer in the trunk of my car, so when I go shopping, I just pop the trunk and grab my bag caddy.  There are a few things about the reusable shopping bags you can buy from your local retailer that I don’t like.  I don’t like that they don’t offer as much room as I would like and they are not made very well.  I have had several of these cheap bags spilt apart and my groceries spilled all over the parking lot.  I was not a very happy camper.  I knew there had to be a better product; I just wasn’t sure where they were!

ECOBAGS ® is a company that is committed to protecting our planet and encouraging others to follow suit.  With that goes their dedication to making sure their products are made in the most ethical and sustainable manner possible. What I respect most about the philosophy of  ECOBAGS ® is that their love for the planet is only surpassed by their love for others.  Their wish is for us to all interact with our planet and each other in a loving and kind way.  The company was formed in 1989 with the goal of making their products from the highest quality materials while keeping them affordable.  Fashioning their products with the string bags the Europeans have used for centuries, ECOBAGS ® introduced their classic string bag.  On Earth Day in NYC in 1990, ECOBAGS ® introduced their bags which were instantly a success.  The bags you purchase from ECOBAGS ® are made from organic cotton, recycled cotton as well as hemp and cotton blends.  You can learn more about ECOBAGS ® by liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter.  You can purchase ECOBAGS ® at their online store as well as in many natural and gourmet food stores as well as grocery and drug stores nationwide.  You can learn more about ECOBAGS ® by liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter or by checking out their blog.

Organic Canvas Tote Bags

I love the organic canvas tote bags from ECOBAGS ® as well as their string bag.  I was so excited to have the chance to review a selection of bags from ECOBAGS ®.  I was given the ECOBAGS ® Recycled Cotton Canvas Lunch Bag $4.99, the ECOBAGS ® Produce Bag Set $9.99 and the ECOBAGS ® Classic String Bag Organic Cotton Tote $7.99.  My favorite of the group is the string bag.  This handy bag is almost like an anomaly!  This bag is deceptively strong as it can hold up to 40 pounds!  I can assure you I tested it out on our trip to the market.  We bought a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables and they all fit nicely in this bag that I had slipped into my purse!  It is so amazing!  I do like the produce bags and I have my broccoli and cucumbers in one that is in my fridge right now.  The canvas lunch tote is the perfect size for the kids to take to school with their lunch in it.  I let the kids decorate the bag with fabric markers and they have such fun doing it!  I can tell you from my experience with the ECOBAGS ® that you will love them and with these prices, you can stock up on them for your next trip to the grocery store.

One reader will win 2 sets of the Produce Bags – 3/set ($9.99 each) and 5 Colorful Classic String Bags – Grab Bag ($28.95)

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