Eco Friendly Shower Curtains

Eco Friendly Shower Curtains

I have turned my go green campaign to the bathroom by looking for Eco-friendly shower curtains.  Apparently almost 100% of vinyl shower curtains available are not made with re-purposed materials.  I was not aware that vinyl could be molded into rigid pipes and other industrial products.  Commercial grade vinyl is recycled so companies can reuse their scrap material, thus saving the company money.  As for household items, the ratio of recycled materials is quite small.  More companies are using Eco-friendly materials for their products, but it is a slow growing process.

There is a great online company who is very aware of the lack of products that are totally re-purposed.  Rock Candy Life is the brain child of Annie Jones.  Annie has a heart for modern-vintage designs as well as making as much of an impact on being a green company as possible.  The materials Annie uses are 100% environmentally safe and the result is three precious designs to choose from. Annie has been able to stand strong on her convictions without skimping on design.  Finally design conscious consumers don’t need to compromise their taste while making a contribution to our planet.

Whimsical Shower Curtains

I love the soft and subtle colors in Rock Candy Life’s Whimsical Birds shower curtains (valued at $24.99).  I have a small bathroom, so I don’t want to put up a busy and loud shower curtain that seems to swallow the bathroom up.  Annie has found the perfect balance between her sweet designs and her commitment to protecting our beloved earth.  The first thing I noticed about the curtain was how incredibly strong it was.  This is definitely not like those cheap vinyl curtains you can find at that big discount store.  A pet peeve of mine is the flimsy holes most of the vinyl shower curtains have.  One good tug and that stinker is going to rip.  Not these shower curtains!  These are not only cute but they are made so well that you won’t need to worry about recycling them for a long, long time.

One lucky winner will receive a shower curtain of the winner’s choice of  the Moroccan or Royal design (valued at $24.99)

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