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Eco Friendly Snack Bags From Beneterre Sweepstakes

Eco Friendly Snack Bags

With the focus on going green, an easy way to join the campaign is to use Eco Friendly snack bags.  I have recently been introduced to reusable goods and they are so cool!  If you are using several ziplock baggies every day, you should add up how much they are costing you each year.  It adds up, I can tell you that.  I was happy to make the change from plastic snack bags to reusable bags. I love that you can use these bags for sandwiches, fruits, goldfish or any number of yummy snacks and goods.  The kids really like the bright colors and cute patterns on the reusable bags.  Caitlin loves taking her lunch to school and now that we use the reusable bags, she said it makes her smile when she opens her lunch box and sees a cute bag holding her sandwich, chips and apple slices.  These little treasures are an all-around good thing to have in your kitchen.

The Beneterre Company has made it their mission to sell products that were fashionable, functional and friendly for the earth.  What they designed are unique, colorful and playful bags that are sure to brighten anyone’s meal.  Focused I love that Beneterre is Italian for “Good Earth”, which is exactly what Beneterre is focused on.  A major flaw that Beneterre has overcome from many other companies’ designs is to make the bags big enough for sandwiches and other larger items to eat.  I know when we go to the pool or the park, I bring a huge bunch of grapes or apple slices and a lot of the reusable bags I own, aren’t big enough to do the job.  What is the point of using reusable bags if they aren’t functional for your needs?  All Beneterre products are made in the USA so that they are minimizing the fuel used to transport the products as well as employ local talent to put the bags together.  To learn more about Benterre, you can visit them on Facebook.

Reusable Sandwich Bags

Not only does Beneterre provide reusable sandwich bags, but they also make cute snack wraps and snack bags.  All of the bags made by Beneterre are made from 100% cotton and are lined with a waterproof, BPA free material that makes cleaning up quick and easy.  You can either wipe the bags out, or you can throw them in the washing machine, which is what I did after using the bag for fresh strawberries.  I was given 3 great items for review, which included: the Cool WrapIt, ($9.00), Snack WrapIt ($9.00), and Max WrapIt ($12.00).  I really love the Cool WrapIt because it comes with a cold pack you can pop in the freezer and it fits nicely in the special flap.  This is a great idea to use to keep your sandwich fresh until lunch time.  We also discovered the Cool WrapIt was an excellent cold pack when your child is stung by 6 yellow jackets!  The Max WrapIt is perfect for a sandwich, wrap or larger portions of snacks.  The smaller Snack WrapIt is perfect for a few handfuls of crackers or other small items for your child’s snack break.  I just love the unique concept of the Beneterre bags as well as the high quality and the happy colors and prints they use in their design.

One reader will win a set of the Cool WrapIt, ($9.00), Snack WrapIt ($9.00), and Max WrapIt ($12.00), for a total of $30.

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  2. Thanks for the contest! I use a lot of zip locks and reuse them when feasible – they are very inexpensive when you find them on sale with coupons.

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