Eco Friendly Watches For Men

My husband has extremely sensitive skin and breaks out at the mere thought of a large majority of materials touching him. I use laundry soap for sensitive skin and the bath products have no perfumes or dyes. He can usually only wear 100% cotton, and he prefers it to be organic and combed cotton if possible. He is also pretty into saving the planet, even if all he does is recycle plastics around the house.  He has gone without a watch for several years because we could not seem to find a material that did not irritate his skin. Instead of wearing watch, he keeps pulling his cell phone out of his pocket to check the time. I wanted to find him a watch that I knew would not cause skin irritation, so I looked into eco friendly watches for men. I found a company called WeWOOD who makes a line of wooden watches that would be perfect for my husband.
Plant A Tree

Eco Friendly Wooden Watches For Men

When I was looking for watches for Chris, I could only find metal or plastic, neither of which he could stand. I tried canvas straps, but with the metal of the watch itself against his skin, that was no good either. What a brilliant plan to make a watch from something as majestic and sustainable as a beautiful tree! Inspired by the beauty of nature, the eco friendly wooden watches for men and women from WeWOOD eloquently translates that into a fashionable timepiece.  I believe that things found in nature are just an extension of ourselves. With that thought in mind, it makes sense to wear those things found in nature. It is somehow cyclical and pure and beautiful and it looks so elegant and yet simple on Chris’ arm. Which also makes sense, because it is only fitting a man of simple taste that loves our planet would wear a watch from WeWOOD.

In my writings, I have had the pleasure of learning of companies that care as much about our planet as they do their fellow human beings. WeWOOD is one of those companies and I absolutely love what they are doing for this beautiful Earth of ours. You see, for every watch you purchase from WeWOOD, a tree is planted. Because our ecosystem is dangerously slipping away from us, replanting these vital trees is imperative to keep it going. With the folks at WeWOOD, they firmly believe in “One Watch  – One Tree – One Planet”. There was a quote on the WeWOOD website that I loved and wanted to share with you: “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now”. You can purchase your WeWOOD timepieces from their website, and you can print a certificate with your purchase for planting the tree. What a great gift, right?!

One USA reader will win one WeWOOD Date Beige watch ($120.00).


  1. I like them all and pretty blown away by the idea and craftsmanship, to be honest. I’d have to say my favorite is the WeWOOD DATE CHOCOLATE though. Very cool!

  2. My favorite is the WeWOOD Date Chocolate With Special Edition Wooden Box. The watch is made of indain rosewood it is so beautiful!!!

  3. This would be so amazing for my sweetheart….. He has worked with wood all his life! This watch is beautiful!

  4. wewood moon brown , I love this concept and the natural looking appeal. These will go with any wardrobe and now my bf can stop asking me the darn time lol !!!

  5. I like makobiscribe on fb but the button in that entry is to follow WeWOOD on twitter but I can not follow anymore twitter accounts. So I clicked the entry I hope that is ok. Thanks.

  6. I love the WeWOOD ODYSSEY BROWN watch. So pretty. I love these watches in general. Never knew something like this existed.

  7. I have a Metis Chocolate and absolutely love. Inevitably, any time I wear it, I get a comment. It’s so great they plant a tree and don’t cut down any to make them. They are a great product.

  8. I would really love to have the WeWood Date chocolate watch for my boyfriend. It is really darling!

  9. Wow – wooden watches who would have thought it – and they really hit lots of todays ‘hot’ topics concerning recyling and resources etc. Of course, watch lovers with sensitive skins can also look to titanium watches if they like precious metals – and there are also some funky plastic watches too. Thanks for posting.

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