Eco Friendly Workout Gear

There are times when I cannot help but stare at my children in wonder and amazement. Partly because I think they are pretty cool human beings and partly because they are so beautiful. I know every parent thinks their children are the most beautiful child on the planet. I stare because I can see myself in them, which makes me happy beyond measure. My younger sister is the spitting image of my dad and my oldest sister looks just like my mom. I do not look like anyone in my family. My Chelsea and Caitlin looks very much like I did as a teen and a twenty something. The one place I do not want my kids to look like me is my weight, which is about 50 pounds more than I should be carrying. Caitlin has begun to put on weight and at 16, that is not so great for her. She was teased so badly as a child, I do not want her teased as she delves into high school. As I have been eating healthy, Caitlin has been following my lead. We are eating organic, making sure we follow portion control and are getting interested in yoga. As we move forward with exercising, I have been accumulating the tools we need.

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Eco Friendly Workout Gear

  1. Yoga Mat: We do yoga at home, at the YMCA and with weather permitting, outside. I love to be in nature when I am working on getting my body more in tune with it. A well made yoga mat is a must have item, especially for outdoors.
  2. Workout Bra: I cannot imagine exercising without a good supportive workout bra. Make sure you find one with good support that is also comfortable. There is nothing worse than feeling constricted when you are trying to relax with a good yoga session.
  3. Shoes: I will do yoga barefoot in the house or at the YMCA, but if we are outdoors, I have a favorite pair of minimalist shoes I wear. I can also wear these shoes if I am walking or running as well.
  4. Water Bottle: You must stay hydrated when you are working out, whether it is yoga or running. I have a reusable water bottle I bring as well as another bottle of filtered water in case I need a refill before I am done exercising.
  5. Clothing: If you do not have comfortable clothing to exercise in, you are going to be miserable. I am pretty shy about my body and Caitlin is super modest. Neither of us are comfortable wearing shorts in public, so we prefer to wear a comfortable tee and yoga pants. The most comfy eco friendly bamboo clothing for us are those from Cariloha.

I have been a fan of bamboo for a few years now because it is such a versatile and sustainable resource. When used in clothing, bedding and other textiles, it is uber soft and comfortable. It feels like that vintage tee you have had for years. Cariloha is the only retail brand in the world who has stores completely filled with clothing and bedding made of bamboo. Because this eco friendly resource is ever growing, the folks at Cariloha can offer you a wide variety of apparel, accessories, home decor, bed and bath sets at an affordable price. Not only are you getting a high quality product that feels great, it also helps us keep that carbon footprint at bay.

We were sent a super cute outfit for Caitlin to wear to yoga class, school, out with friends or just hanging around the house. She received the super soft Bamboo Scoop Tee in Plum, which normally sells for $34, but is currently on sale for $27. I love the flattering cut of the tee so it shows off Caitlin’s curves instead of making her look like a boy! We also received the Bamboo Fitted Yoga Pant in Black, which sells for $59. These pants fit Caitlin better than any other pant I have ever gotten for her. Seriously, the moment she put them on, she started strutting around the house like a model. She said they made her feel pretty! They are perfect for working out, but also look nice with a cute top to wear to school or wherever she likes. I could not have asked for a cuter outfit, but more importantly, how it makes Caitlin feel. That my friends, is worth more than any amount of money in the world. And to know we are saving the planet? Home run! Be sure to follow Cariloha on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. One USA reader will one Bamboo Scoop Tee and Bamboo Fitted Yoga Pant, ARV $86.

What is your one must have piece of workout gear?