Educational Books For Kids

Educational Books For Kids

AS a home school mom, I am always looking for educational l books for kids.  One of the benefits of home schooling is you are in complete control of the curriculum.  I love the freedom Henry and I have in choosing the materials we use for our lessons.  When I come across a book that is fun, interesting and educational, I am all for it.  Henry is an avid reader, so a lot of our lessons revolve around a book or workbook we have discovered.  We also take advantage of our library and used bookstore.  When I am looking for a book on a particular subject, it is not always available at the library and you may or may not find it at the used book store.
Nomad Press is a publisher of education books that is located in Vermont.  The team at Nomad Press takes reading very seriously and they have created quite a collection of wonderful educational books for children.  With the books from Nomad Press your child can take a trip back in time or into the future.  They can read about creatures in their back yard, bridges and tunnels or the lost civilization of the Inca’s.  The publisher of Nomad Press, Alex Kahan, has made it his mission to bring the joy of reading and learning into your home.  With the books from Nomad Press, you and your child will open your minds to many, many possibilities, adventures and awe inspiring information and facts.

Make Learning Fun

I am constantly trying to find ways to make learning fun for Henry.  When I came across the Nomad Press website, I was immediately blown away by how many books they offer on a ton of different subjects.  The cool things about the books from Nomad Press are the projects in each book.  When trying to learn something new, if you combine different approaches. The information is more likely to stick in your memory.  If you read a story and then do a word search or build a simple science project, it makes the probability of your child recalling the information possible.  We were given the book “Explore the Wild West!” (ARV $12.95) which is filled with fascinating information about life back in the 1800’s.  You can read about the Gold Rush, Native Indians, cattle drives and the explorers who roamed the Wild West.  We had a lot of fun mining for gold as our project that tied into the story about the gold miners and the gold rush.  I actually learned a few things and I found the information in the book really great!  The folks at Nomad Press have found a way to tie in so many aspects of learning into one place.

One reader will in a copy of “Explore The Wild West” (ARV $12.95)

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  1. I think my daughter would like the book “Amazing Ben Franklin Inventions You Can Build Yourself”

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