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Educational Games That Are Fun

I home-school Henry, so in order to help him focus, I look for educational games that are fun.  I have learned from our home-school experience, it is difficult to get Henry to pay attention.  I had some advice from a home-school support group that suggested finding as much variety in my lessons as possible.  Now a trip to the grocery store is a math lesson and going to the park is a biology lesson with some recess time thrown in!  There are a lot of online games for home-school families but many charge a fee for a period of time and then you are asked to renew, paying another fee to access the material.  Since many families who home-school are a one income household, being on a tight budget is a must.  With a limited income, I am always looking for the best product at the best price.  There are many websites that offer educational games, but I found one that was a bit different from the others.

MindWare is a company that offers products that keep your children engaged, educated and entertained.  If your kids are not having fun or studying a subject they are interested in, you are going to lose their attention pretty quickly.  Not only are the items MindWare makes fun but they are highly educational products as well.  Initially an online business, MindWare received so many requests from retail stores that they began to offer their Brainy Toys to independent retailers across the country.  Not only will you find MindWare products in homes and retailers but also many schools are using the products as well.  This company has received several prestigious awards, including the coveted Game of the Year award from Board Game News.

Test your Memory Games

I have found many different games that teach a particular skill, like the test your memory games.  Your brain is a muscle, so you need to keep it in shape before it peters out on you!  Our family is addicted to detective shows and games.  It is so much fun to try to solve a mystery just like Scooby and the Mystery, Inc. Gang!  MindWare was kind enough to offer my family the addictive game Line Up (Retail value $24.95) to review .  You really need sharp memory skills if you plan on winning this game.  Players take turns stopping at one of six crime scenes where they are asked to memorize what they can about the suspect in five seconds.  I hope you were paying attention while playing this game because when you go to the police station for a line-up, you will see not only your suspect, but a group of suspects who all look very alike.  You need to remember even the smallest details as that may be the thing that won you the game.  At a cost of $24.95, this game is quite affordable, especially when you factor in how many hours of fun your family will have.

One lucky winner will receive a copy of the game Line Up (valued at $24.95)

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