Kids ABC iPhone App

Kids ABC iPhone App is one of the few downloadable games on the iPhone that I really enjoy and feel good about letting my four year old son, Tate, use.  Since my husband got the iPhone two years ago, Tate has shown interest in it and asks to use it all the time.  He started with Angry Birds and worked his way up to playing other “video game” type apps on the phone.  They are fun, but mindless and keep him from doing active things, like playing outside.  We try to reserve his iPhone use to special times like in the car or right before bed.  My husband and I have tried some “educational” apps for kids and Tate is either uninterested or it doesn’t hold his attention.  The Kids ABC iPhone app is perfect for our son!

Educational iPhone Apps for Kids

There are many educational iPhone Apps for Kids available but there aren’t many that I have come across that are both educational and fun for the children.  My son, Tate, has been struggling with letters recognition and can’t write any letters yet.  The Kids ABC iPhone app is a great way to help Tate learn to say and write his numbers.  The app is simple and easy to use.  In fact, I gave Tate my phone and he was able to pull up the game and start playing without any instruction.  Once the app is loaded there is a menu that you can either select capital letters or lower case letters.  Once you make your choice, it will bring you to a new screen, starting with the letter A.  For each letter, it gives you direction on how to write the letters as well as a large letter to trace so they can get the feel for how the letters is written.  I love that there is a button at the top so you can also listen to what the letter sounds like.  It took a couple tries to get used to the tracing of the letter as it sometimes didn’t recognize my tracing.  But once we understood the program better and were using it more often, we didn’t notice a problem with that anymore.

iPhone Apps for Kids

If you are in the market for iPhone Apps for kids that is not only fun but educational, please consider the Kids ABC iPhone app!