Effective Reward System For Children

Menu Planning Chart

If you want to stay on a grocery budget, a menu planning chart is very helpful.  Not only does it help you plan your meals but you can organize your shopping trip as well .  It is a very helpful tool for helping busy moms organize their grocery shopping so they can spend their time with the family instead of stressing over they were going to eat this week.  I have not had a stress-free trip to the supermarket in I don’t know how long and I was determined to achieve that.  After some research, I found a company that offers an array of charts for different tasks.

Victoria Chart Company was founded in 2004 by Victoria Ballard.  Victoria has two children, one of who has cerebral palsy.  Victoria had developed a reward system for her kids and she found it worked really well for her kids.  She mixed in building self-esteem, confidence and a feeling of accomplishment.  I think we can all agree that building up your kids in order to encourage those works way better than tearing them down and bullying them into submission.  With her system showing such awesome results with her kids, Victoria decided to create a series of charts for parents and professionals alike.  No, 7 years later, Victoria has her charts being used all over the world.  Victoria and her team are constantly tweaking current products as well as developing new charts as well.

Organize Your Meals

I am sure if you are a parent of growing children, you need to find a way to organize your meals.  I was so happy to review the Menu Planning Chart (retail value $5.99) from Victoria Chart Company.  I have tried various menu planning systems from store-bought to hand made, but nothing worked for me.  I think my inconsistency was at the top of the list of reasons it didn’t work!  I would faithfully use my system of the day for a few weeks and then I slacked off and went back to hunting and gathering my food like a cave woman!  Not only was I not planning menus, I was spending so much money on things I didn’t need.  I can tell you using the chart from the Victoria Chart Company has helped me keep on track with my meals as well as my spending.  We saved enough money the first month (yes, I have used it longer than two weeks) that I was able to buy the kids a new video game!!

One winner will receive a chart of their choice (retailing from $5.99 to $18.99)

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