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eFreesia Mini Puts Portable Power In The Palm Of Your Hand

Being a working mom makes me a lot of things: CEO, Blogger, Media Maven, Secretary, Chauffeur  Writer and Photographer – just to name a few. I rely heavily on my Droid DNA smartphone to act as my personal assistant. It helps keep me organized, allows me to work from anywhere, keeps me in touch on social media sites and even my camera. I tend to run down a battery in record time and with everything I have going on, especially when I travel. I just cannot afford a dead battery. I am always looking for ways to conserve power, but eventually, I end up playing the “how many more actions can I take before my battery dies” game. It is very frustrating, so I started looking for portable power battery options.

Thus, eFreesia designed an entire product line just for me! That might be an exaggeration but it feels like they were designed with me in mind – eFreesia is about freedom, passion, life, and style. Their products work with iPads, iPhones, Samsung and HTC and more – including my HTC DNA. In addition to screen protectors eFreesia offers two portable charging options. Seriously  I can walk aboud listening to my tunes while I recharge, battery in pocket. The eFreesia Bar and my favorite, the eFreesia Mini. It’s slightly bigger than a lipstick tube and can fit in my purse or my pocket with ease. Plus, it’s adorable and comes in White, Pink or Black. Even though it’s small, it packs a huge charge and can completely charge my DNA from a dead battery. It offers an LED indicator and can hold a charge for a decent period of time. Best off all, the mini is on sale for $22.99, regularly $29.99, and when you like them on Facebook from their website you’ll get a special offer.

Thanks to the eFreesia I no longer have to play the battery guessing game. I can tweet, text, facebook and photograph all day without worrying.


  1. oh wow, I love the eFreesia mini and how concealed it can be. I’m always losing power on my Samsung G2 and this would be perfect to have when we have a full busy day out and no where to plug in a regular charger

  2. Love the bar and the mini. I just love the idea of extending the battery on my iPad or phone when I’m out and using it…they both always seem to go dead right when I need them most so this product would be great for me as well! Thank you.

  3. I like the eFressia Mini the best; I think I prefer the black one the most. Seems like a nifty little device that would really come in handy.

  4. I love the eFreesia Clear Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 4 4S

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  5. I like the efreesia bar and spend so much time away from home with a mobile charger and wires everywhere this would be soo nice 🙂

  6. The efreesia duo. It would be perfect for when me and my boyfriend go camping during the summer where we don’t have sockets to plug into and don’t want to run the car battery to recharge our phones

  7. my other fav product is the eFreesia duo – Portable USB Smartphone Battery Charger.. i love the bar as well.. these are awesome.. a much need for me!!!!

  8. My favourite is the efreesia mini because of it size. It’s the smallest one and best to throw in your pocket or purse.

  9. My favourite product would be the “eFreesia Duo – 5000mAh Portable Smartphone Battery Charger.”

  10. That Mini looks pretty amazing! How many times has your phone made it to the brink only to die at the very end of the night when you need it the most…?

  11. I like the eFreesia duo. It sounds like something that I could really put to good use particularly when I’m traveling and unable to take the time to plug in a wall charger. The mini looks amazing and I love how it’s so tiny so could easily fit in my pocket!


  12. The eFreesia duo looks like a handy thing to have. My daughter would use that for sure.

  13. I love my portable electronics but dislike it when out & about & they die on me so I would love the eFreesia duo.

  14. after trolling the website my choice would be the eFreesia duo – Portable USB Smartphone Battery Charger. What busy woman would want one?

  15. I really do like the eFreesia mini. I try to carry the smallest amount with me as I can when I go out and this would be perfect to carry along to keep my favorite electronics charged when I’m out and about and unable to plug in to my car or wall charger

  16. I like the efreesia mini. I could really use this at work. My phone dies half way through the shift and I hate worrying about my son for the second half. We don’t have a work phone that my husband can call.

  17. the eFreesia Mini, because it’s mini! I already carry so many things, but this would be so useful and wouldn’t take up much room at all. love it!

  18. The eFreesia mini looks to be so cool and the reviews are really good too, I would love to try one of these most definitely. My fingers are crossed, PLEASE LET ME WIN!!!!!!

  19. I am so loving the eFreesia Mini. I just got a new HTC, so I am hoping this can keep me going longer on my busy days!

  20. I like the eFreesia Bar – Portable Smartphone Battery Charger in white. When we travel, I have both my Samsung phone and Kindle to keep charged. I can’t always get to an outlet to recharge them, so this would be a great solution.

  21. Mt favorite product is definitely the eFreesia duo – Portable USB Smartphone Battery Charger in Black. How cool is this!?! The new things I see everyday is just incredible!! Thanks for such a great giveaway! 🙂

  22. The Efreesia Duo or the Mini would be the answer to so many dead cell phones during long volleyball tournaments.

  23. Wow! I like the eFreesia Bar and Mini! Not so much for me because I’m home all the time, but these would make wonderful gifts for my adult kids who are on the go! Will have to remember this for Christmas!

  24. The eFreesia Mini (in pink!) would be perfect for travel. I definitely need to get one!

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