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If there was ever a way to see the sights of Phoenix, it is absolutely from a hot air balloon. We were treated to an experience today that is what dreams are made of. The only way to get the full impact of the stunning beauty of the Sonoran Desert and the surrounding mountain ranges is from a perspective hundreds of feet above the ground. Who said people cannot fly? Apparently they have not had the pleasure of riding in a hand woven wicker basket in a hot air balloon with Rainbow Ryders of Phoenix.

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Enjoying The Views Of Phoenix

The launch site is located in the Sonoran Desert and the landscape that was all around is was just amazing. One we all got settled in, we were given a short briefing before we were able to take off for our adventure. The incredibly large and colorful balloons are laid out flat before the filling process begins. It was neat to see how large they really were.

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Then the hot air balloons are filled by using a motorized fan, and I was even able to help hold the balloon. It looks easy, but you have to hold your foot down on the balloon while it fills to keep it open. You can feel the fan wind beating on your face and the flapping of the  balloon. It was fun!

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I had one side and my friend Tara held the other. Everyone else sat around and took our picture. After the balloon is filled, the crew lights propane burners that will heat the air inside the balloon. This process only takes about 30 minutes and before you know it, you are ready to fly!

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The basket is beautifully crafted wicker and there is surprisingly plenty of room for a small group. While we were enjoying the views of Phoenix, our super friendly and knowledgeable pilots were the perfect guides. When we lifted off, you could see how far we went up by looking at all the balloons that still had to launch.

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They told us a lot of interesting facts about the area, the unusual plant life and they told us to be on the lookout for desert animals like coyotes or even a roadrunner! I was able to take some amazing pictures of the scenery as well as my buddies in the next balloon. One we landed, we were treated to a delicious champagne breakfast that has been a tradition for more than 100 years.

Rainbow Ryders, Inc.
1725 W Williams Drive, Bldg. D Suite 39
Phoenix, AZ 85027


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