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Environmentally Friendly iPhone 4 Case from Grove Sweepstakes

Environmentally Friendly iPhone 4 Case

I was excited to discover an environmentally friendly iPhone 4 case that was also stylish and trendy.  I change out my iPhone cases like I change my purses…very often!  iPhone cases are a great way to show off your style and personality and I like to change them according to the season or even my mood.  This not only gets expensive but not the best for the environment.  I try to incorporate principles of reduce, reuse, recylcle into my everyday life.  I was happy to discover an iPhone case that takes all these principles into account when designing their product.

iPhone Case Made From Skateboards

I was very surprised to learn that I could find an iPhone case made from skateboards.  I have seen iPhone cases in many different styles and colors but have not seen any made of skateboard material.  The Skateback iPhone case is made in collaboration with Maple XO and Grove.  Lindsay Holmes of Maple XO upcycles skateboards to create jewelry and other awesome accesories.  Maple XO has paired with Grove, a company founded in 2009 passionate about bringing you the best products possible!  I love the story behind where the material comes from.  The recycled skateboard material comes from PS Stix, who has been designing and producing skateboards from nearly three decades!  Each week, PS Stix creates enough scrap to fill a city bus.  Grove and Maple XO are using these materials to create the unique and evironmentally friendly Skateback iPhone case.  Helping to save the landfills from tons of unused materials as well as creating a fun and useful product for consumers!

Recycled Material iPhone Case

If you are looking for a recycled material iPhone case that is fun and affordable, look no further than the Skateback iPhone case from Maple XO and Grove.  The Skateback iPhone case fits easily on the back of your iPhone.  Just clean the back of the iPhone and make sure its free from dust and oil.  Align the case with the camera lens and easily attach with the peel and stick 3M adhesive on the back.  There is even a plastic blade included so you can easily remove the Skateback when you are ready.  The Skateback is only 1/16″ thick it doesn’t make your phone feel heavy or weighed down like some iPhone cases do.  It comes in three different colors: vibrant, calm or neutral to fit every style.  You can purchase the Skateback iPhone case through Grove for $49.00.


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