Have you seen the news lately? Yeah, people are actually allowing themselves to get locked in rooms – sometimes, creepy rooms – for the fun of it. In these rooms, there’ll be hints and clues lying around. If you’re lucky, you will find these hints and you can escape one room and go into another to solve another series of puzzle. And what’s even crazier is the fact that escape rooms are great for team building!

Washington D.C. is ripe with inventive escape rooms, and there are more and more games opening up each year; they’re all almost conceptualized with the same concept: intense fun and team building.

For example, the owner of the Insomnia Escape Room DC said, “We see people go crazy in our rooms when they get to interact with their environments. Levers, secret buttons, props, they love it! People are so used to playing on their devices, that funnily enough, actually touching objects feels different!”

As a team, you get to work together in an escape room of your choice. You will need intense cooperation and open communication, otherwise everything will fall apart. So, really, it does not matter if you really don’t like the other person, your entire mission for this assignment – yes, think of it as an assignment – is to beat it from the room and feel the triumph of a win.

Work together, find missing parts of a puzzle, work out a crazily confusing clue, search for hidden solutions, and escape!

And while you are at it, you are going to have to do this in a limited time. When you work together on a project at your office, it is no surprise that you will be asked by your superiors to do everything with a time crunch. It’s one of the same with escape games, except escape games are more fun.

What better way to develop team camaraderie than having to work together in an entirely unfamiliar environment? You will be experiencing the same thing, except your brains will come together in a different way to solve all the issues that are laid out in front of you. You will have to open your mind and accept that there are people who think different than you, but you can still work together to solve a problem.

It is, of course, better to go in different groups from the same office. Maybe you have different assigned teams on the same floor, why not invite them along? That way, you can bring out the competitive monster within you and vie to work better with your teammates to win the game no matter what. However, think of this as a friendly competition. Don’t go into the office glaring at someone from another team because they won and you lost.

By playing escape games, you are basically going in as a group of friendly strangers, but coming out as a team of best pals. Besides, think of the thrill you will get when you celebrate your win with the people you won the game with!