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Everyday Uses for Fine China With The Lenox Quatrefoil Pattern

When my husband and I were engaged, one of the things on our to-do list was to register for gifts for our wedding shower and for the wedding itself.  The one gift that everyone seems to register for, but usually does not make any use of is China. We wanted to get a China set that was beautiful, but simple enough that it could be used for more then just “special holidays”. We wanted a set that could be part of our everyday dishes. We really liked the Quatrefoil 5-piece set from Lenox.

Lenox Fine China Dinnerware

The Quatrefoil pattern is one of the many patterns in the line of Lenox Fine China Dinnerware.  It is a simple, but elegant pattern crafted of Lenox bone china accented with precious platinum and gold. It includes dinner plate, salad plate, butter plate, cup & saucer and is dishwasher safe. The term “quatrefoil” means “four leaves,” and this shape is repeated in bands throughout the Quatrefoil pattern.

Everyday Uses for Fine China

Not wanting our China to collect dust in the cabinets, I came up with other ways to incorporate everyday uses for fine china so we could use our Quatrefoil in our everyday life. Since this pattern is dishwasher safe, it makes clean up just as easy as traditional dish sets.

  • I make use of our China whenever we have company over. I think food looks great on the white, and it presents very nicely.
  • We use our China whenever we celebrate a birthday or anniversary. It helps to mark the occasion as special.
  • We also designate one night a week as our dinner night with the China. This helps our family spend at least one night dining together as a complete family unit.
Quatrefoil is a timeless pattern, which is prominently featured on Lenox as one of their most popular dinnerware sets.  It has been seen in ancient Greek and Persian empires appearing in relief on gold coins, and more recently it has used on television hits such as Game of Thrones, Once Upon a Time, and The Borgias. Also, try searching the word “quatrefoil” on Pinterest, you will see 100 boards devoted to that pattern.


  1. I couldn’t agree more! Using our fine china to make memories is well worth the little bit of extra effort involved. I just stumbled upon your blog, so I don’t know if you “play in the dishes” here, but I do at My Place to Yours! I hope you’ll stop by for a visit. Right now, I’m hosting an online Vintage Linen & Dish Auction for charity. It’s my way of celebrating two years of blogging!

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