When you are expecting a baby, there seems to be so much to learn, to read, to ask and about a million other things.  When I was pregnant for the first time, I was terrified and I had no idea what my journey was going to be like.  I remember asking the person who I thought would give the best advice, which was a friend at work who had recently had her first child.  When I went to her and asked several questions about what the pregnancy and the birth were like, she said the scariest words to me.  My friend looked me in the eye and said “Being pregnant was the worst thing I have ever been through and the pain I had delivering her was the worst I have ever felt and I hope I never go through that again”.  Needless to say, I was freaking out!  Now, this happened a long time ago, and the internet was still pretty new, so we were at a disadvantage as far as connecting with other moms.  I know if I had internet available, things would have been so much different.

If there was one website I would have loved to have available to me back then, it would absolutely be Everdayfamily.com.  This website is more like a family than just some web address you happened to find using a search engine.  With Everydayfamily.com, you can connect with other moms, ask experts questions, use a variety of tools, including calculating your due date and so much more.  This online community has over 3 million members who are just so helpful and encouraging.  What I found interesting is that the website was the creation of a soon to be dad in 2006, who along with his wife was just beginning their journey.  When I found out that several of his family members have helped build Everydayfamily.com to where it is today, it all made sense.  You really do feel like you are part of one big loving and helpful family who are there to listen, share stories and advice and you can sign up for the newsletter to stay up to the minute with what’s new.  Do you have a preemie at home or perhaps a child born with special needs?  All you need to do is a simple search for your specific interest or need and you will get a list of helpful links.  If you are a new parent or this is your 5th time around, Everydayfamily.com has something for you!