Fall Fashion Accessories

Because I live in the south, I get to enjoy those hot, humid and sticky summers we are famous for. So you can imagine why I love the crisp and cool weather of fall. Granted, our fall weather takes a bit longer to get here, but that does not stop me from working on my fall wardrobe now. I have already begun putting away my summer clothing and making room for my fall clothes and accessories. I always make a list of what I need when I am thinning out my closet because it helps me know what I need to add. Because leather accessories are trending this season, I wanted to do some fashionista investigation and see what leather accessories I need to add to my collection.

4 Leather Accessories You Need This Fall pin

4 Leather Accessories You Need This Fall

  1. Handbag: Nothing beats a nice leather handbag for your fall wardrobe. I carry my life in my purse, so I need to have a large enough bag to handle all my stuff.
  2. Wallet: I have a handmade leather wallet that has lasted me for over 15 years. It is still intact, but the design has worn a good bit and I need to replace it.
  3. Phone Case: I know most phone cases you can find are made of plastic, but I feel they look less fashionable. I love the leather phone case with the flip top which keeps my screen protected when I am not using it.
  4. Messenger Bag: This is a hot accessory this fall because it is so versatile. You can use it for your laptop for work or your books for school.

cooleather 2

When it comes to where to find the best leather accessories, you need to do a little research. You want to find genuine leather products which are handmade. It is my opinion you get a better product when it is handmade as opposed to machine made. I think when you have a hand stitched accessory, like the messenger bag I received from Cooleather, you get a superior piece of leather to add to your closet. This group of artisans from Canada design and hand make all of their leather goods. They have a wonderful selection of backpacks, messenger bags, handbags, passport and phone cases and much more. They use two main materials at Cooleather; Genuine natural leather and hand woven Kilim wool. I love the look and feel of the gorgeously rich tanned leather of my Hand Stitched Leather Messenger Bag, which sells for $160 on the Cooleather website.

Let me tell you, this is more than a fall fashion accessory, but rather a part of you! This bag is perfect for Caitlin to take to school, for me to take on business trips or to use as a handbag when I am out. It is made with Crazy Horse Genuine Leather, which is tanned with vegetable oil and not chemicals, and waxed thread. The hand stitching is absolutely immaculate, there are pockets inside for your cell phone and other smaller items, and the flap covers everything up quite nicely.

cooletaher 3

I absolutely love this addition to my closet and it is more than just an accessory, it is an investment which will last me for many years. Be sure to follow Cooleather on Twitter to stay current with all their latest deals and new products. One USA reader will win one Hand Stitched Leather Messenger Bag ARV $160.

What leather fall fashion accessories would you like to add to your closet?