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My husband Chris is a pretty simple guy. Now, do not get me wrong, I am not talking about his mental acuity as he is quite intelligent! I am talking about what he considers his wants and needs are very simple. He is a meat and potatoes and pasta guy who could spend the whole day on the couch watching ESPN. He loves his kids and if you do not see him wrestling with Henry, you will see him with his crossword puzzle while he waits in the car pool lane at Caitlin’s school. For as long as I have known him, he has always worn the same thing; cargo or golf shorts and a short sleeved polo or golf shirt. Even in the winter, he is highly unlikely to wear a pair of pants and a jacket or long sleeves. I had to beg him to wear a pair of pants when we got married! When I told him I wanted him to wear men’s clothes that are in style, he said he thought he already was doing that! I am trying to get the man to spread his fashion wings and try something different, so I went looking for some good looking clothes I thought he would like. What I found were some very chic and stylish clothing for men from Something Strong.

Trendy Clothing For Men

Trendy Clothing For Men

Something Strong men’s clothing will tell you they do not take themselves too seriously.  They make clothes they like that they know other guys will like just as much.  They decided to make clothes and have a great time while they do that because, it is not rocket science, right? Although they may have a laid back attitude about themselves, they certainly so not have that same feeling towards their customers, who are most important to them. They have a line of fresh and finely made and trendy clothing for men and a stellar customer service team to stand behind it. If you have a guy in your life like my husband, you should take a look at the clothing from Something Strong because they are bound to love the bright colors, fun lines and modern fit.

Chris was sent the Something Plaid long sleeve shirt in purple (I know, daring, right?!) and the Something Loud Striped Cardigan. I will admit, I had to get my older daughter to help me choose the combination of colors because I was not 100% sure which would look best on Chris. He has a darker complexion and I think the white, blue and purple gingham plaid looks just great on him. The cardigan is super soft and comfortable and to be honest, it is not going to remain on his side of the closet. I am going to steal it from him! I was so impressed with the fine stitching and attention to detail in the construction of the clothing from Something Strong. Both are just impeccable and in my opinion, worth every penny! You can purchase the shirt for $69.00 and the cardigan for $99.00 from the Something Strong website in a variety of colors. You can also find pants, tees and shorts in several colors and patterns.

One USA reader will win one top or bottom, chosen by Something Strong ($49-$129) in the winner’s size and color preference, based on availability.


  1. SOMETHING SOLID – BLACK is the one my son would like best, I think, and I’m entering this contest in hopes of winning something for him!

  2. Like the Something Sober – Orange/White striped polo shirt. Would be great on my nephew. Thanks for the giceaway.

  3. I love 2 thing the first is Something Soft – Blue hoodie and Something Intelligent – SalmonRoyal it is to hard to pick.

  4. Something Hidden – Grey

    Something Noble – Blue

    Something Solid – White

    I like these three item

  5. i really love the Something Loud – BlackGreen and Something Solid – Black for my brother this would be the best birthday gift

  6. This would be great for my Hubby: serious in Red, XXL…. (But I do love it, too!!!) Thanks for the chance….

  7. I like the Something Dangerous – Black

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  8. My favorite article is the Something Loud Cardigan in Black & Grey. All the clothes are great!! Thanks again!!!!

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