Arts and crafts is one of the best ways to bring the whole family together. Better than sat around watching a film, a craft session around the kitchen table is sociable, creative and lots of fun. All you need is a few bits and pieces from around the house, some art supplies (I’d recommend Artifolk) and you can all get to work making some weird and wonderful creations.

Bowl Jelly Fish

These fun toys or mobiles can be created using just a paper bowl, tissue paper, glue and paints and whatever you want to use to decorate them. Just tear or cut strips of tissue paper and attach to the inside of the bowl, turn upside down and you’ve got yourself a jelly fish to hang from the ceiling.

Masking Tape Finger Paint Designs

This slight variation of finger painting lets you create a silhouette of whatever shape you want by sticking down masking tape in the desired shape and then finger paint a pattern around and over the top. Lift up the tape and you’ve got a great looking piece of art.

Melting Wax Crayon Art

With their low melting point, wax crayon are a versatile medium. Using the oven, melt into ice-cube style shapes or even a hairdryer to blow-melt on to a piece of paper you can have lots of fun. Just make sure the kids are supervised.

Family Photo Collage

Instead of allowing your family photos to sit in your computer’s hard drive, print them off and make some fun collages. Insert some other images from magazines to make the pieces a bit more creative.

Homemade Soap

This is a simple activity to leave you with a nice present for someone else or for yourselves to use. All you need to do is melt some pre-made blocks or soap and then add your own herbs and fragrances and set in blocks.


This age-old activities has limitless potential from the classic paper aeroplane (yes, it’s still origami!) to characters from Star Wars!

Aboriginal Painting

These beautiful paintings composed of colourful dots are a great way to make unusual artwork as well as learning about another country’s indigenous culture.

Clay Moulding

Getting in a set of air drying clays such as FIMO means you can make all sorts of models and practical objects like candle holders at any time with minimum preparation needed.

Egg Carton Caterpillar

This quick activity requires a length-ways half of the bottom of an egg carton and then you and the family adding your own snake skin decoration.

Paper Plate Art

You’ll be surprised how versatile paper plates are. You can make anything from penguins (paint the back black, fold over the top corners and top then add eyes, orange feet and beak) to lady birds and other insects (just fold in half and add wings and a head).