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Cute Flip Flops For Women From Gigi Hill

The Coco flip-flops are fun and casual, so you can wear them to the beach or a barbecue.  Yes, I am totally rocking the flops on a swing! This particular pair is available in two colors, Aqua Nile or Tribes Black.  Don’t you think they are totally cute! They are comfortable and super easy to slip on which makes them a real go-to pair. You can purchase them for $42 at Gigi Hill. I think my pair gives me a little lift which makes me feel girly. This way I can be casual, but still look nice.

Gigi Hill is the place for fashionable yet functional items, where a girl can just go crazy with all the fun things to buy!  They have such a wide variety of purses, totes, electronic cases, diaper pads, travel bags, garment bags, sunglass cases, jewelry roll, and so much more.

Two moms who met on the soccer field started Gigi Hill. They began talking about needing a better bag and started researching their ideas when Gigi Hill was born. Gigi Hill’s mission is to design fashionable yet functional bags. They wanted a collection of bags that were a perfect combination of function and fashion. There are several other items I have my eyes on at Gigi Hill, such as the G & M Exclusives Olivia Handbag and the Audrey Tote Bag.  Both of these bags come in many different colors and great pockets.

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