It’s getting closer to the end of the year, that means it is getting closer to tax time. Have you ever wished you were getting paid to fill out those forms instead of paying someone else to do them? I know, we all wonder what we are doing paying out hundreds of dollars to have forms filled out.

Fast Forward Academy has a great program to teach YOU how to complete those forms. You can be the one paid to fill out those forms and submit them to the IRS. By taking their Enrolled Agent CPE courses, you can become a certified IRS Tax Preparer. You will learn how to prepare the tax forms in a course half the size of the competitor classes. They feel that quality is better than quantity. If you fill your class is streamlined and tells you exactly what you need, there is no need to have all the extra “fluff’ just to make the course look bigger than it is.

Are you still worried about the tests? No worries. Fast Forward Academy will give you practice exams along with access to a free online question bank filled with questions from past exams. You will have all of the resources you need to jump right in and become certified.