Celebrate Father's Day

I always have the toughest time choosing a Father’s Day gift for my husband. He is such a laid back guy who really hates all the attention we shower on him every year. He also has just about everything he wants, or the things he wants are way out of my price range. This year I wanted to get creative and find something he would enjoy but did not cost a lot of money. He is not a huge tech person, but he is learning his way around the computer pretty well. When I found Windows offered so many cool apps, I decided to combine a gift that would go along with a few of the apps you can find in the Windows app store for your computer or Windows Phone. I chose just 4, but there are a ton you can choose from for the guy in your life to celebrate Father’s Day.

baseball app

Game On: My husband is a huge sports nut, so anything sports related is of interest to him. The kids love to throw the ball with their dad, but he was in need of a new glove. What a perfect gift from the kids, and it fits right into their budget! With the Baseball Pro app from Windows, he can also stay on top of his game this year! He can get the latest scores, news about his favorite teams and more. He can also get the app on his Windows phone when he is on the go. My husband loves to golf, so he can hit the links with Mobitee GPS Golf app on Windows Phone , giving him the best GPS assistant, scorecard keeper, distance calculator, virtual coach, and personal, portable golf caddy.

Fix It App

Mr. Fix-it Dad: My husband is not exactly Mr. Handyman, but he sure does try! If something gets broken, he would rather try and repair it himself before paying someone to fix it. He has been in need of a new power drill for a few years now, so the kids thought I should make that my gift to him. With the iFixit Repair Manual, which is available on Windows, he can look up how to fix small appliances, cars, game systems and more. My oldest daughter recently got the dreaded “red ring” on her Xbox 360 system. With the iFixit Repair Manual, he was able to repair it with the very easy to follow instructions. He had her up and running in just about an hour! If your man is on the go, he would love the Jack of Tools Pro, which is available on his Windows Phone.


Sit Back and Relax: With all the things my husband does, he sure does deserve some time to relax. My husband loves to grill in the backyard, and with the GrillBuddy app on his Windows Phone, he can know the perfect timing for all of our favorite grilled food. If he prefers, he can put his feet up in the recliner and listen to that book he has been dying to read. He can download Audible Audiobooks on Windows and Windows Phone. He can tap into the most comprehensive audiobook selection, including the Lord of the Rings series, which my husband has wanted to listen to forever.


Get In Shape Dad: One thing my husband and I have been slacking on this year is getting into shape. We both have about 50 pounds we need to lose and the right exercise program will help get us there. My husband can get a ton of excellent workout tips and routines with the Men’s Health Workouts app on Windows and  his Windows Phone. For the times he is on the go and needs tips or help with his routine, he can use the Gym PocketGuide app on Windows and Windows Phone, which is just like having his own personal workout encyclopedia.

Which Windows App would your guy would like to use this Father’s Day?