Food For Small Dogs

Fenway was already here when I came along. So, I am very thankful that he welcomed me into his family. My husband had already had the Boston Terrier pre-me, but I still consider Fenway my dog. After I came into the picture, Fenway sort of switched teams. I fed him, I scratched him, he slept with me. Noah does still give him a bath. So maybe that is why I am the good guy!

Fenway is definitely one of the family, and he deserves the Best Dog Food. The kids would not know what to do without him, and unfortunately that time is just a few short years away. Our dog brings a ton of joy to our family, so it is only natural to want to give some of that happiness back. One of the ways that we show Fenway we love him is by feeding him tasty Food for Dogs. CESAR® Meaty Selects is one of the products that Fenway LOVES to get. They come in a resealable 10-ounce can full of meaty chunks that are so tender you can smash them with a fork. I know it is important to feed dogs the food that is right for their build.

I love that the can is resealable and that I can just mix a spoonful in with his dry food as a treat. This is pretty much a must when shopping for Food for Small Dogs. We like to mix the food so he has a variety. Just make sure that when you change your dog’s food, you do it gently and slowly so you don’t upset their temperamental tummys. Fenway already has wicked gas! Here is a great schedule to follow:

  • For the first two days or so, your dog’s meals should be about 75% old food and 25% new food. Mix the two foods together, don’t keep them separated.
  • If the first couple of days of the transition go smoothly, you can mix 50% of your dog’s old food with 50% of the new food on days 3 and 4.
  • On days 5 and 6, your dog’s meals should be about 75% new food and only 25% of the old food.
  • On day 7 let your dog enjoy 100% of the new Cesar dog food!
You can find more info on Cesar on their Facebook page. I wrote this review while participating in an ambassador program by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Cesar and received product samples and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.


  1. I think that the small dogs are delicate and you should always keep a watchful eye on what they eat. They should be able to eat food that could be easily chewed by them.

  2. sorry to say but ceasar is not the great a food for your dog. his gas could be caused by something he is eating more than likely. the food should be 90% or so meat, no by products, no gluten, no corn, may want to treat grain free…nature’s variety is good, they also make raw in venision, rabbit, you can get freeze dried raw…you can add no salt stringbeans, baby carrots, kale/mustard greens steamed in olive oil. you need to look at the ingredients. also make sure none of the ingredients come from china…most of the dog food sold in grocery stores/walmart are not good dog foods….or cat foods for that matter. if you dog has any allergies/itching, stay away from chicken, turkey….it is not the chicken but what they are feed…best foods for allergies are rabbit, then venison, even buffaloe, my vet does not recommend any of the processed dog foods, for the longest time she made me cook all of my dogs foods….i have both dry and raw, all shelf of raw…another good thing is sardines in water…my girls love watermelon, cantaloupe, blueberries, strawberries, no grapes (raisins), baby carrots, stringbeans, acorn squash-steamed…make sure they get no seeds w/ any of these….bad for their digestive system… apples, no green

  3. I feel the same way about my Pomeranians. I recently lost a 17 yr 4 month old Pom to an infected tooth. She was too old to survive the surgery so we had to let her go. I am winding down a hobby breeding op (all dogs live inside 3 sleep in my bed 8 total.) and have daughters of all my older girls. I digress. As a small dog breeder with about 30 years experience a tip for those upset tummies. If your dog has bad poop and you know it’s from food (or eating a frog—we live in the woods) give them some baked potato. Oven baked not microwaved. Salt, pepper, whatever you put on your potato. The starches will dry up the loose poop.

  4. I also enjoy spoiling my two Boston’s. They are the sweetest dogs, and have had nothing but Boston Terriers in our lives since our first in 2000. His name was Dazzle and he was the cutest puppy EVER. That was it for me, they have my heart, bought and paid for! Fenway is a great looking dog, he looks a lot like my youngest, Chloe. I also have her mother, Zoe Noel.

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