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Do you have a big family? I have 5 brothers and sisters as well as my 3 kids and various extended family members. When it comes to buying gifts for special occasions, I can run out of clever ideas. Even if I am only focused on buying one gift, by the time I sit down and really think about what this particular person will like, I already have a headache! I have been known to do an Internet search entitled “most unusual gifts ever” to see what would pop up. It is so funny what will show up in your search when you do a broad search like that. I mean, yes, I agree taxidermy is a very unusual gift, but I am pretty sure my girly girl older sister would not see the humor. It would be awesome if I could find one place that carried a huge variety of products that were not the same old same old. It would also be great if the website I find would also offer gifts for everyone at every age with every taste. When I found Bullet Designs, LLC., I knew I had struck pay dirt!
Find The Most Unusual Gifts Ever

Find The Most Unusual Gifts Ever

Founded on faith, integrity and trust, Bullet Designs was started in 2010. The folks at Bullet Designs, LLC. care as much about their customers, suppliers and employees as if they were family. In order to  secure an place in today’s market, you need a product line that will grab a customers attention and keep it. Designing environmentally friendly products when possible for the sportsperson who has everything, this company has got many people’s attention! By using a variety of bullets in their products, they are offering an inventory of items that you cannot find anywhere else. If you want to find the most unsual gifts ever, I think you cannot beat those made from a bullet!

Bullet Designs Ring

When my earrings, necklace and ring came from the new Fire and Ice Collection, I was overjoyed! I have been reviewing products for a long time and these are some of the most unusual and beautiful I have ever seen. The earrings are nickel and are made from a Winchester 40 caliber bullet as is the necklace on the delicate rope chain. The ring has a flexible band, so sizing is not an issue. All three items can have your choice of birthstone in the center, the chain comes in 4 lengths and the ring comes in brass or nickel.

I absolutely love my jewelry from the Fire and Ice Collection and I know exactly where I am going to be doing a lot of my shopping this year. You can find an array of key chains, jewelry, cuff links, light pulls and so many other items. You can purchase your items from Bullet Designs online on their website. My items retail for ($24.95) for the earrings and ($19.95) for the necklace and ring.

One USA reader will win the earrings ($24.95), ring ($19.95) and necklace ($19.95) from the Fire and Ice Collection


  1. I like so many, but if I have to choose one, it would be the Fire and Ice Bullet Bracelet. Thanks!

  2. Ooh I like the silver and gold together like in the Men’s Sterling silver and brass bullet ring! Very chic.

  3. Wow!! These are really unique and interesting! My favorite is the Antique Copper Plated Square Bullet Necklace with the Colorado Topaz gem.

  4. My favorite is the Antiqued Silver Plated Spoon 22 Nickel Bullet Bracelet. I have a friend who loves to hunt and she is really into spoon and fork jewelry. That piece is a perfect fit for her!

  5. I like the 32 Auto Vintage Copper Plated Steel Bullet Bracelet

    Ladyblueeyez1960 (at)(aol)(dot)(com)

  6. Nice site goes well with my leather jacket if I were to get to pick a ring I would pick Fire & Ice 40 Caliber Bullet Ring
    Crystal Color: Peridot – August , Bullet Color: Brass

  7. I like the 223 Nickel Large Loops and Frills Bullet Earrings, all of the things are so unique, I love it!

  8. I adore owls…and I am in love with the Colorful Bronze Owl Brass Bullet Necklace. So awesome!

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  9. I like several things but finally decided on the Nickel Bullet Sterling Silver Earring Threads. Threaders are hard to find.

  10. I love the owl necklace and the earrings…all of these things are so unique! i totally dig it!

  11. Nickel Bullet Brass Heart Necklace – was another product in the Fire and Ice Collection that I really would enjoy wearing. This jewelry is fun and awesome! thank you

  12. Definitely the 9 mm Bullet Stud Earrings. I used to have a nice S&W 9 mm, it was a great piece!

  13. I really like the Ultimate Hammered Silver Cross Gold Fleur de Lis Bullet Necklace

  14. 40 Caliber Nickel Bullet Filigree Cross Necklace – $22.95 even says Winchester on it, love love!

  15. I like the bullet earring studs and the fan pulls, definite conversation pieces for sure and very unique gifts.

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