What Is Eco Friendly furniture

What Is Eco Friendly furniture?

So,  what is Eco-Friendly furniture anyway?  We have heard a lot about going green, living green and now there is green furniture?  By definition, eco-friendly means “not harming the environment”.  By practicing being eco-friendly or green, one would live in the world by making the smallest, if not at all, mark on the planet.  Here are some easy tips on living a more eco-friendly life.

    • When shopping, take reusable shopping bags with you.  This cuts down on the number of plastic bags out in the world and many reusable bags a larger than the standard plastic bags from the grocery store.

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  • Shop at your local open market.  This is a doubly good tip to live by because most of the product was grown organically and was grown locally.  So, when buying this way, you are getting product that is great for you and you are supporting your local farmer.
  • Change out your regular light bulbs to energy saving alternative bulbs. Although the energy efficient/eco-friendly bulbs may be a bit more expensive than the others, they last longer, so you are actually saving money!



  • As a home owner, when the time for a new appliance arises, research for the most energy efficient model which is again, great for the planet as well as your pocket.  Most energy efficient appliances are saving people quite a bit of money on their electric and water bills.
  • Change over to eco-friendly home goods.  There are a lot of options for alternatives to conventional home goods, including furniture, towels, cleaning supplies and many other options.


Finding Quality Cardboard Furniture

Finding Quality Cardboard Furniture

I bet you may not even know about cardboard furniture, let alone finding quality cardboard furniture!?  I only learned about cardboard furniture recently and was very interested in it.  I imagined it to be flimsy and would not last more than a few weeks.  I was recently introduced to a company that makes some really cool cardboard furniture.  Smart Deco Furniture makes lightweight, economical, eco-friendly and incredibly strong furniture made from, you guessed it, cardboard!!  I received the SmartDresser ($51.00) which is a very cool piece of furniture. All the products from smart Decor are made with high-grade, sense and thick sheets of cardboard.  The really cool thing is that the sturdiness and ability to hold weight is due to the arcs in the middle layer.  The corrugated layer acts like a super hero when the pieces of the structure are perpendicular to one another.  This causes the arcs to form columns, which in turn lends the strength of the item.  I will admit, I was doubtful this was going to work.  With my kids, nothing lasts very long in my house!  The SmartDresser was easily assembled by watching the short instruction video and it took about 10 minutes.  All you do is separate the sections and one at a time folding them and making sure you apply pressure to the pieces with adhesive on them.  When we got everything put together, we were very surprised to find a dresser that look and acted like it was wood although it was made from completely eco-friendly products made from recycled products that are all made in the USA.  I cannot wait to get the IntelliDesk for the kids to do their homework,

One reader will win the Intellidesk ($32.00) and the SmartStand ($37.00), for a total of $69.00

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  1. Why not buy a solid wood dresser at a restore or 2nd hand store . It will last forever and if good enough you can pass it on. IMHO that is eco

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  3. The SmartDresser is my favourite. I especially like that it can be used as a bookcase or a combination of drawers and shelves.

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