Finding Family Friendly Television Shows

If you have kids in your house, you know how difficult it can be finding family friendly television shows. I hate to sound like our grandparents, but television is so different now than it was when I was growing up. We had a nice colored television in the living room, but we did not watch it very much. We watched shows together as a family like The Carol Burnette Show and Laugh-In. My sister and I were able to watch shows if they were approved by my parents, which was Sesame Street and The Electric Company. That is about all there was except cartoons, which at that time, were only shown on Saturday mornings. I never imagined when I grew up that the television that we crowded around like some demi-god would now be a source of contention. I am constantly on television patrol and am asking what the kids are watching and doing spot checks to be sure they are not watching R-rated movies on the sly! Thank goodness for NCircle Entertainment, which has a plethora of family friendly television shows that my kids love.

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Finding Family Friendly Television Shows

I am a huge fan of NCircle Entertainment and have been for a long time now. I admire what they stand for, the products they put out and their philanthropic endeavors. One of the programs my kids love to watch is Mike The Knight. This little guy is so dang adorable, no wonder they love to watch him! My kids are older than the target audience of most of the NCircle shows that come out. With Henry’s autism, he is delayed mentally than his almost 12 years of age, so he watches programs for the younger crowd. If you do not know about Mike The Knight, I will give you just a brief summary of he , his family and his magical friends. Mike and his sister Evie (a wizard in training)  live in the Kingdom of Glendragon with their parents, the King and Queen. Because their dad the King is away a lot, Queen Martha has put Mike “in charge”.

Mike uses his Big Book For little Knight in training to help him “Be a knight, do it right”. Through a series of episodes, you can follow Mike and Evie on adventures where they learn about responsibility and doing the right thing. The new DVD “Mike the Knight: Knight in Training”, is now available from NCircle Entertainment. This is the first time the Mike the Knight series has been available on DVD, so my kids were pretty excited. I love that it has several chapters that will keep the kids entertained for hours. You will meet Mike’s BFF’s, Sparkie and Squirt who are friendly dragons and his horse, whose name is Galahad. Your preschoolers will be captivated with these stories and you can rest easy knowing they are watching quality television. You can purchase the DVD from NCircle Entertainment’s website for $11.99 as well as fine retailers where kids DVD’s are sold.

One USA reader will win a copy of Mike the Knight: Knight in Training ($11.99)


  1. We love Super Mario Brothers. We watch it now on Netflix and I watched it growing up. Sid the Science Kid is another favorite at my house.

  2. My grandson loves Mike the Knight so Id like to get the shield and sword to go along with the movie.

  3. So many good choices. I pick Dino Dan Dino Party. I haven’t seen it but it looks really interesting.

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