My husband and I have not had much time lately to spend with each other. Both of my kids have been sick with super high fevers. Since they are both under 5, they still need mommy when they do not feel well. This means, all day, all night and every moment in between, I have had two boys clinging to my skirts. Where does this leave Daddy? Good thing we just celebrated our 5th year anniversary on a cruise! Intimacy and togetherness is soooooo important!

It is so important to cultivate intimacy and love in every relationship you have, especially in your marriage. The time you take to build up closeness helps you to get through moments like what I described above. Durex sent me a kit to explore the Liberating Side of Being Together which included Sparks to help bring my husband and I closer together. The kit also included chocolate body paint (which we chucked – we are on diets & that was completely too tempting, condoms, body lotion (which we used that night – we were both sore from working out), and a Spa gift card – which I totally snagged.

They say flirting is where it all begins…
Spark #1: Use small gestures to get the biggest payoffs

It doesn’t always take a grandiose declaration of love to get your message across. Much of the time, it’s those little somethings and sweet nothings that help you stay connected and get each other turned on.

This is so true. The day we got this kit, my husband and I had worked out and we were very, very sore. Neither of us were in the mood to be intimate, but when I read this spark, I decided to “do a small gesture” and offer to rub his sore shoulders. Of course he said yes, and soon we were chatting and talking about or day instead of zombifying on the couch. Then he offered to rub my back. It was a win-win all the way around! Want to get closer with your partner? Visit durexusa.com for more information about their products and ways to get closer with them.