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Five Areas To Cut Clutter In Your Home

For My New Year’s Resolution, I decided to help reduce clutter in my home. If you are interested in finding ways to cut clutter in your home, you are in good company!  I feel that with each New Year we ring in, I am trying to find space for all the goodies we got for Christmas.  With my small house, I have very little storage space, so I am then looking for creative ways to put things away.  As I am running out of ideas for cutting down on my clutter, I decided to visit Google and see what they suggested:

Cut Clutter In Your Home

  1. Fridge: There are several products available that will help you keep your fridge tidy.  First, find the expiration date on every item and throw away those that have expired.  Next, take everything out of the fridge and wipe it and the shelves and drawers clean.  You can purchase plastic bins for juice boxes, meats and cheese, soda cans, dairy, fruits, vegetables and misc. bottles.
  2. Linens: If you have little to no space for your linens, don’t despair!  I have a small closet in the bathroom that is to hold my bath products as well as my linens.  I bought a wire shelving system and colored bins for my hair products, bath products, medicines and nail products.  For my towels and sheets, I bought wire cubbies that keeps them all neat and organized,
  3. Laundry: My laundry/pantry area is tiny, so I had to get creative on how to store the necessary items for that area.  I bought two long wire shelves; one to hold my non-perishable food items and one for my cleaning products.  I then bought a tension rod that runs from one side of the room to the other where I can hang drip dry clothing as well as some of the kid’s sports equipment like helmets and pads.  For my laundry supplies, I bought a small but strong portable wire shelf unit that is perfect for my laundry soap, spray stain removers, bleach, etc.
  4. Personal Products:  First things first are to get rid of anything you haven’t used in the past 6 months. I hate to admit I am not very organized when it comes to my personal products.  I have hair brushes in one basket, combs in another and headbands in another!  I have been using a similar system for my personal products as with the bathroom products.  I have small colored bins that I can put on top of my dresser that look cute but are very functional.
  5. Kitchen Gadgets: I have just a few drawers, so I have a terrible time keeping my kitchen items organized.  I first went through my drawers and got rid of anything I couldn’t use, haven’t used or was missing pieces.  I also found a ton of items that didn’t even belong in the kitchen!  Once I got myself some drawer organizers, I was able to get most of my kitchen tools straight.  For those tools I use a lot, I wanted to find a solution that would be easy to use and would look good at the same time.  When I found Um-Brands, I knew I could put several of their items to good use.  This is one company who has made it their mission to get you organized and stay that way!  With a focus on providing you the solutions to those “UM” moments we have, they are sure to have a product for you!

Reusable Adhesive Hooks

I have been looking for reusable adhesive hooks and clips that were out of the normal box.  Caitlin needed a lot of de-cluttering and organizing and when I saw the cool products from Um-Brands, I knew their products were perfect.  Caitlin wears a lot of headbands, clips and other accessories and they get all jumbled up in her drawers.  The reusable items from Um-Brands are as colorful as they are functional.  With a cutting edge technology called EverSTIK, which uses nano-suction technology, the products from Um-Brands will stick like glue until you are ready to move them.  By holding up to four pounds, you can hang a lot of different items!  I was sent the Clip-Um Stationary 3 Pack ($9.99), the Note-Um Peel and Stick White Board ($14.99), the Hook-Um Essential Space Shuttle Hook ($6.99), the Stick-Um Essential ($6.99) and the Clip-Um Industrial ($8.49).  These little buggers are fantastic!  They are easy to apply, they hold tight and you can move them over and over again.  I love how strong they are and was surprised at how well they stick to the surface.  Caitlin loves them and she can now find her things more easily.

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  1. I love the clipums. I always have paper all over the place. Then I end up looking “Yucky” because it gets turned in to the kids school with jelly sticky on it.

  2. I like all of their products. Because I need organization solutions for several areas I would be most interested in UM! BRANDS FULL SUITE because it includes some of everything.

  3. I love all the products. Very good idea! I lose my brush all the time! Pictures frames are perfect idea for my girls room

  4. I would like to have one of each! But if I had to cheese the most useful is the HOOK UM! ESSENTIAL – FLINT GRAY SPACE SHUTTLE

  5. The Stick UM! Texture Carbon Fiber is at the top of my list of favorite products! It works with almost anything! 🙂

  6. I like the Note Um! The variety of sizes makes this perfect for use in any room of the house! I would put them on the doors to my kids rooms!

  7. I love the UM! Brands Full Suite because it comes with everything! I also love the UM! Large Notepad in Honeysuckle!

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