Five Cool Uses For Your USB Flash Drive When USB flash drives first came on the market, their use was pretty straight forward. They were initially intended for storing and tranferring your data. If you had a bunch of word documents on your PC and you needed to revise them on a PC at school, you could just dump the docs onto the flash drive and open them on another computer. Today, there are far more uses for your USB flash drive than you may realize. Here are just 5 really cool things you can do with one:

Five Cool Uses For Your USB Flash Drive

  1. Locking/Unlocking: With a USB flash drive, you can turn your USB drive into a key of sorts. When it is plugged into your computer, you can have it unlocked and when it is removed, it locks. If anyone tries to use the computer without your permission, they cannot access it.
  2. Say No To Viruses: If you have a free rescue software loaded onto a flash drive, you may be able to bring a virus stricken computer back from the dead.
  3. Play Games: Instead of installing your favorite games on every one of your computers, load them onto your flash drive. Now you can pay a one time fee and play your games on any computer you want.
  4. Mobile Office: In the same train of thought with the games, do not tie yourself down to one computer with your Microsoft Office, Open Office or whatever package you use. Just keep it on your flash drive and then you never need to pay for another copy if you get another computer.
  5. New Software: Want to try Windows 8 or another new software but do not want to commit before giving it a go? There are test versions available on many new software package you can load onto a flash drive and give it a whirl.

USB Flash Drive

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