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Five Fun Uses For Scarves

My daughter absolutely loves scarves and collects them fervently. For her 26th birthday this past year, I bought her 26 scarves. She was totally thrilled and told me she has had a blast wearing all of them. She also told me with so many scarves, she wondered what else she could do with them other than just wear them around her neck. She did a little experimenting and here are some other ways she came up with to use her scarves:

5 New Uses For Your Scarves

  1. Wear It As A Bracelet: With some of the smaller, thinner scarves I got Chelsea, she tied them around her wrist and wore them as a bracelet. She was also able to take one of them and split it in half and used it as a watch band. That was a super cute idea and she can change them with her outfit.
  2. Wear It As A Belt: One of my favorite uses for scarves is to wear them as a belt. I love to wear a white button down shirt with a pair of jeans and dress it up with a cool belt. By using a colorful scarf, you can totally change the look of your outfit.
  3. Wear It On Your Head: Back in the 1940’s through the 1960’s, women often scarves on their heads. This chic look is currently trending with fashionistas all over the globe.
  4. Change The Mood Of A Room: Nothing is sexier than changing the lighting in a room. Take a beautifully colored silk scarf and place it over a lampshade. This ambient lighting is soothing, relaxing and uber romantic!
  5. Hang Them In A Room: You can use scarves in a home decor setting in several ways. You can frame them, hang them like bunting for a celebration or hang them like streamers from the ceiling. The list goes on and on and is only limited by your imagination.

If I had to choose, I think my favorite material for a scarf would be raw silk. I love the look and the feel and the colors seem to pop more so when using silk. To make the scarf perfect, if it is hand-woven, I am on cloud nine! I was recently sent the gorgeous purple raw silk scarf from Far and Wide Collective, which retails for $80. This rich purple and gold is made from the raw silk which is left in the cocoons after the filament has been taken. Most companies would throw this silk away, but that is not the case in Assam, where they are made. The local artisans weave this silk into scarves as well as beautiful traditional garments worn by the Assamese.

The story behind Far and Wide Collective is one that touched my heart. They work with many artisans who have come from areas who were struggling with conflict and economic hardship. When you buy an item from The Collective, you are not only getting a beautiful and handmade item, but you are helping an artist, their family and their community.  In doing so, you and other shoppers are helping to build a sustainable infrastructure in many of these communities. You can also find coats, wallets, bags, pillows, baskets, jewelry and much more at Far and Wide Collective. One USA reader will win a Raw Silk Scarf by answering the question below in the comment section:

What new and fun way can you use your scarves?

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