Five Fun And Interesting Facts About Quilts

I have loved quilts for as long as I can remember. My mom had quilts her grandmother and mother made when she was a little girl. She passed them on to me and when my oldest moved away to college, I passed them on to her. There is such rich history surrounding quilts, the art of quilting and the women who make them. I was looking for a new quilt for my bedroom and got curious about the history behind quilting. I found some really cool information I thought you may enjoy!

5 Quilting Fun Facts

5 Quilting Fun Facts

  1. Where Did Quilts Come From? Originally, the Chinese and Egyptians were the first to sew three layers of fabrics together to form the quilt.
  2. How Did Quilting Become Popular In America? The pilgrims brought quilting over to America from Europe. This craft was a way for women to get together and talk and make quilts for the rough winters. The first quilts did not have the popular patchwork appearance you see today. This did not surface until the 19th century.
  3. What Have Quilts Been Used For? In addition to using as blankets to keep you warm, quilts have had many uses. As early as the 11th century, quilted fabric was used inside armor to give warriors padding and protection. In the 18th century, women had quilted skirts and petticoats and men had waistcoats of quilted material. They are also used as decorative wall hangings in many homes.
  4. How Have Quilts Changed Over The Years? Quilts were made by hand, with a needle and thread until using a sewing machines became popular in the mid 1800’s. They have much sentimental value and is a family tradition in many homes, passing the art from generation to generation. With technology, using photos on fabric has currently become popular.
  5. Which Quilts Are Considered The Most Popular? Quilts made by the Amish are considered the most popular and are most collected. The Amish quilts are often made with solid colors of varying shades as they feel printed fabrics are too “showy”.

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