breakfast is important
How do you start your day? Do you roll out of bed and start a pot of coffee or do you just hit the ground running? Me, I am the latter. Breakfast is usually an afterthought. I don’t even consider it part of my morning routine. I always make sure Aidan gets fed, but that’s typically as far as I will go. So let’s fast forward a few years. Now baby #2 is on the way and my morning sickness has been unbearable. I never had sickness with Aidan! Taking a tip from a friend, I decided to try eating in the morning before this “sickness” kicked in. My whole schedule was now flipped but I actually felt better! Aside from curing morning sickness, the benefits of eating breakfast are enormous!

eat breakfast

5 Reasons Breakfast Is Important To You

  1.  Weight Control If you don’t eat breakfast you are technically fasting until lunch. That would mean you could potentially be going up to 20 hours without anything in your stomach. Your body then goes into starvation mode, holding on to those extra calories in fear of not getting another meal for a while. Breakfast jump starts your metabolism and ensures this starvation mode doesn’t kick in.
  2. Energy Eating something in the morning gives your body its first fuel of the day. It’s especially important that what you put in your body is sustainable fuel. Breakfast that is high in sugar or caffeine can cause you to crash in the late morning. Eating foods high in protein and fiber can be beneficial in boosting your energy and keeping your energized until your next meal.
  3. Brain Power There has been tons of research conducted on this, and the consensus says that eating breakfast is important in learning and memory in both children and adults.
  4. You Need Fiber Most people do not get the fiber that their diets require throughout the day. Breakfast is a great opportunity to pack fiber into your day. Fiber has tons of advantages such as being low in fat and high in vitamins and minerals. It breaks down slower and allows you to feel fuller for longer.
  5. Cut Disease Risk It has been found that people who eat breakfast have a lower incidence of developing heart disease, diabetes and other diseases. The risk of heart attack and obesity also lower.

There’s no denying that we need something in our stomachs in order to get our day started. Cereal is probably the easier option since it stores well and even kids love it. There are so many choices for cereals these days. Personally, I don’t like to invest in the high sugar cereals that the shelves are lined with. I like to make sure my cereal is well balanced with the protein and fiber that me and my growing belly need. It’s an added bonus when Aidan enjoys it too! I was given the opportunity to try Honey Bunches of Oats Morning Energy in Chocolatey Almond Crunch and Cinnamon Crunch. Now, I am a huge chocolate fan so this was a big deal for me! As someone who isn’t a big breakfast person, to give me chocolate for breakfast? OK! What’s even better, this cereal packs 6 grams of Protein, 5 grams of Fiber and tons of Iron! This is the perfect pregnant lady cereal! It can be found at any grocery store  for right around $3.30 a box.

What’s your favorite breakfast food?