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Five Things You Need For College

I waited until my kids were in school before I went back to college. I graduated from nursing school with my ASN at the age of 48. I am working on my BSN and my husband is gearing up for culinary school in the fall. I am kinda of nerdy, so I love school, but my husband is not as excited as I am. I had to make a list of what he would need when he returns in August. Here is my list I gave him for a successful transition to being a freshman!

5 Essential Things You Need For College

  1. A Laptop or Tablet: Many courses are accessible online, so being able to use the Internet while you are on the go is a must.
  2. A Small Stapler: I cannot how many time my friends and I were asking around for a stapler during class. Those teacher sure do love to give you handouts separately, but they want them back stapled!
  3. Highlighters: I cannot study unless I have a variety of colored highlighters. I have a color coded system and it helps me stay organized and study more efficiently.
  4. Post It Tabs: I was constantly going back and forth between sections in my book during class and while studying. I kept a supply of the Post It Tabs to keep everything at my fingertips so I could keep up!
  5. A Book Bag or Backpack: Chris prefers a backpack, while I prefer a book bag. I have always been more comfortable carrying just a few books in a smaller bag thank carrying a bulky back pack.

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What is your top must have item for college?

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