Yay! Spring has sprung and I could not be happier! Has this been the longest winter in history or is it just me? I cannot pack away these winter clothes and get my spring closet whipped into shape fast enough. If you are like most women, you probably have a closet packed full of stuff and yet you cannot find anything to wear. When we do our spring cleaning around the house, we should remember our closets need some work as well. Do not get overwhelmed at the task of how to transition your wardrobe from winter to spring. Just try these tips for spring cleaning your closet instead!

5 Ways To Spring Clean Your Closet

5 Ways To Spring Clean Your Closet

  1. Hone In On Your Style: Our styles can change from year to year or even season to season. You may have been into the whole Boho thing last year but this year you are looking for a more polished look. If this is the case, you need to weed out all the items you have in your closet which do not fit into your style any longer.
  2. Divide And Conquer: The best way to separate what you are keeping and what you are getting rid of, is to make 3 piles. I know, the math is wrong! You need a keep, donate and a trash pile, so you need 3! Make sure you look for any rips, tears, stains or other big flaws before you put something in the donate pile.  Also, remember if you have not worn it in 2 years, it is time to let it go!
  3. Make A List: Before you start working on the closet, grab some paper and a pencil. As you go through your closet, you can jot down items you need to replace or add to your collection. This will become your shopping list when you are all done with your spring cleaning!
  4. Upgrade Your Closet’s Accessories: When you are sprucing up your wardrobe, you need to do the same for the closet! Toss those old wire and plastic hangers and get yourself some nice wooden or cloth hangers. Your clothes will last much longer when they are hung on the proper hangers. If space allows, add some shelving for items you want to fold or store that should not go in or will not fit into your drawers.
  5. Go Shopping: Now that you have thinned out your closet, decided on that style you like and have your list in hand, it is time to go shopping. Yay! This is my favorite part and my favorite place for clothing,  hands down, has got to be Aventura Clothing.


I fell in love with Aventura Clothing when I was preparing for my first solo business trip and needed some new clothes. I had been a stay at home mom for so long, I had nothing to wear! I found so many amazing options on the Aventura website because their line is perfect for women like me! Their clothing and accessories are smart, comfortable, stylish, travel well, and will not cost you an arm and a leg! I chose one of their beautiful maxi dresses, which I highlighted in my review, “Eco Friendly Fashion For Women.” I believe in their products because they are so well made, they give you lots of eco friendly options and they are designed by women, for women.

Recently, I was delighted to have been chosen to be an #AventuraLife Ambassador! I am so honored and thrilled to be able to add many of the pieces of clothing and accessories to my closet from a company I believe in so much. I will be posting throughout the year with all the gorgeous clothing I will be modeling for you.  I love the Aventura line so much because they are made with an active woman in mind, so they will move with you. So many clothing you find is constricting and confining, while the clothes from Aventura allow you to move freely and comfortably.


With the active woman in mind, I want to share another exciting facet of this journey we will be going on together. I hope to show you a transformation of my body as we progress throughout the year. After a year filled with injuries, surgeries and hospital stays, I was unable to move forward with my weight loss journey I had begun last January. Now I have the all clear from my doctor to be more active and I am excited to get back into shape as I celebrate a new and healthier season in my life.


For this post, I am modeling the Arden Capri in Shitake ($75), the Catina Tank in Shitake ($55) and the Juliette Sweater in white ($89.). I just LOVE this outfit! The pants are so soft and comfortable and the length is perfect for me and love how they flare a bit at the bottom. You would not believe how incredibly soft the matching striped Catina tank is and the detailing in the back is just adorable. I appreciate the fuller cut of the top as I am still self conscience about my tummy.


I think the Juliette sweater because it pulls the entire look together, is so feminine, and it makes me feel so pretty! This outfit was perfect for the gorgeous but chilly spring day we spent at a local nature center in Knoxville. How cute is Caitlin in my Tracey Fedora hat, which sells for $34 on the Aventura Clothing website? The apple does not fall far from the tree when it comes to the Aventura line. She is constantly borrowing the Juliette sweater from me and wore the Catina to dinner recently!


I am looking forward to showing you more of my choices from Aventura Clothing throughout the year! I am going to model a sweet skirt, the cutest dress you have ever seen, more tops, another hat and more! Be sure to stay current with Aventura Clothing and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. And just to make sure you do not feel left out of the excitement I am spreading about the Aventura line, one USA reader will win a pair of the Arden Capri ($75) in their choice of color! Then check out the rest of the blog giveaways in the Blog Pop Spring Fling!

What tip do you go by when cleaning your closet and which Aventura Clothing item do you want to add to it?


  1. […] It is really funny to see a man like my husband, who claims to not care about clothing, have the reaction he did to his Ronan Polo shirt from Ecōths. I chose the salmon color in the shirt, which retails for $55. It is so dang soft, I wanted to steal it from him! My husband has very sensitive skin, so to find a shirt this soft is a huge bonus. I took a chance on choosing this dusty pink/salmon color because Chris usually sticks with earth tones and I wanted to change it up a little. The color is so subtle and the cut is just perfect for him. He became an instant fan of the line the moment he slipped the shirt over his head. I was an instant fan when I was introduced to them through my ambassadorship with their sister company, Aventura Clothing. I received several pieces from Aventura and have recently reviewed one of my outfits in the review, “Five Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Closet.” […]

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